HELP! Missing Bluetooth : ASUS FX505 GD

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Hello everyone, hope someone can help with this one.

I disconnected my JBL speaker from my ASUS FX505 GD earlier while listening via Spotify because it keeps on interfering with my phone bluetooth connection.

When I tried to re-connect it on my laptop, I can't find the bluetooth icon on the lower right of my screen. It's also missing on my device manager. Tried troubleshooting but it keeps on saying that my device does not have a bluetooth. What should I do?


  • Hi there,

    in device manager, there is a "scan for hardware change" on the bar, please try if it works.

    You can also reboot the device, or enter BIOS to load default setting again to bring the blue tooth back.

    Is your wifi working well?

    Thank you.

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