VoLTE and Wifi Calling on Zenfone 8

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Hi all,

Does anyone know if we can expect enabling VoLTE and Wifi Calling in european networks? I can only see in settings that icons for these options are available to enable at notification bar:

Also as call quality is quite poor, can we expect some improvement with software updates as enabling HD Voice codecs?





  • Regarding Volte & wifi calling i can see that it will be enabled slowly as carriers decide to add Zenfone 8 to there support list. Atlast VOLTE & VOWIFI on any carriers totally depends on carrier/ service provider and not ASUS.

    you can request your carrier/service provider via emails and helpline to consider Zenfone 8 to there support list of Volte & Vowifi.

    Regarding voice call qualtiy there are chances of future adjustments with Voice call quality if there are number of users facing same issue with Zenfone 8.also there is possibility that VOLTE & VOWIFI may improve call quality to some extent. So here you can just wait for future FOTA's

    Please share your carrier name for which you want VOLTE & VOWIFI. So that Moderaters may take a look through if Zenfone 8 alredy has it and your device is working as expected or not.


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    Settings>Network and Internet>Mobile network>Volte

    See if you have volte option there

    For example I have volte here on my Zenfone 5z

    One thing though your carrier has to support volte for the Zenfone 8

    If it doesn't right now hopefully Asus will add the support in future as they're gradually expanding their carrier support with updates

  • He had already enabled Volte & Vowifi toggles as you can see above shared screenshot, Enabling it in quick toggles will by default enable it in internal settings. Problem here is his carrier has not yet supported to Zenfone 8. & Hopefully it gets added in future. 🤞

  • Thanks @AmitGarde for your response. Much appreciated!

    My carrier name is Orange Poland.

    Hopefully Voice Call quality will improve in near future. I've read some of first reviews and there are problems with this indeed.


    I don't have these options in mentioned settings area. On my previous mobile (LG G6) was the same until LG released fota upgrade which enabled both options.

  • Hi, i am from Estonia, and my Telia carrier says, that Volte have to be provided my Asus softwere. Right now i have no Volte possible and the voice quality during call is very poor.

    Asus pls, make it possible to have Volte at least.

    P. S. When i bought it from local retailer in the website was written that volte and FM radio is accepted. I really dont want to bring these phone back😢

  • Hi, any possibility to get Volte in Estonia. Pls read my previous comment.

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    We are working with a wide list of operators to attempt getting VoLTE enabled. However, regardless of what operator customer support may claim - it is not simply "Asus enable". We need the operator to also verify settings, validate and sign off , to ensure the calls are working as they should.

    This process can be very quick to taking months and months all depending on the operator in question. As such we cannot reliably give any estimations on when, or if, VoLTE can be enabled for a specific operator. However we're passing all the requests from ZenTalk to our network team to put into the wish list.


    Over the past year, we've added VoLTE/VoWIFI to many operators across different countries - now I know it is of no help if specifically your country or your operator wasnt added, but progress is moving forward.

  • If it will be not possible, maybe the HD calls is the solution? Because right now we have nothing to do the voice call quality better=(((

  • Hi @CH_ASUS

    As it has been mentioned by @mihhail1988 Voice call quailty is very poor. Phone is very fresh but there are many complaints about this from users from Poland. For sure, enabling VoLTE in more countries/carriers (as mine Orange Poland) will make things better.

    But it would be great if Asus software/network etc. teams will bring some updates with upcoming FOTA software upgrades that will enable HD calls codecs in Zenfone 8. I'm pretty sure that this model hardware supports HD Voice through 3G network, but some software implementation needs to be corrected.



  • We're looking at the cases. First need to isolate if it is "poor quality" because it's simply not HD/4G Voice.

    Or if it is a specific case on poor quality due to <something else>.

    If you would be able to assist us in testing, it could speed up the debug process as well.

    @Anders_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS

  • If it helps, then.

    My place Estonia, provider Telia, Volte etc are all enebled from provider. Before these phone i was using huawei p20 and volte works great.

    1. I have last firmware installed

    2. network during normal use is always in 4G+, but when i move to voicecall it changes to H.

    3. I have two sim card installed, voice quality is poor on both.

    4.all peaople who i call all says that it is very poor qualiti, that thay cant hear me normally, same thing i can say about me, that icant normally hear then. The call volume change mayke louder, but qualiti is terrible.

  • @CH_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @Anders_ASUS

    Sure, I can help with testing. Please just let me know what I can to to help ;)

    Just to give some comparison:

    On my old LG G7 voice call quality is much better with the same:

    • place when I'm making phone calls
    • SIM card
    • people who I've called
    • phone call settings (Use only 3G network as Zenfone doesn't support VoLTE for now)


    My FW version on Zenfone is

    If any more details are needed, please let me know. I'll also share this thread with other users who are complaining about this :)



  • TrawarTrawar Level 1

    Hey There,

    on my phone there is no settings to enable wifi call.

    My Provider in Germany does support it.

    If I use my Sim Card in my Galaxy S9+ it works great.

    Unfortunately i can´t enable it on my zenfone due to the missing button.

    Latest Sofetware updates are installed.

    Any Idea?

  • It is most likely due to your operator not confirming validation on our device - and not a software defect in that sense. We dont enable VoLTE/VoWifi or any operator-related settings without technical assurance.. and this can take a long time.

  • eddddedddd Level 2

    This is a bothersome waste of time for such a basic feature. Why not provide an override that users can test themselves? Especially, when rooting the ASUS devices makes it "just work"...

  • The nature of validation is that it ensures working in all main conditions - not just reception or calling. Emergency calling, and a bunch of other things.

    A "simple override" may work, most of the time, or some of the time, for most or some, and so on.. for those who then run into trouble, it also becomes a problem.

    With that said, we are continously adding VoLTE support together with operators.

    For example the latest update added VoLTE to Telia in Lithania and ICE in Norway , to the list of supported operators/countries.

  • tomyp38tomyp38 Level 1

    Hi There,

    Same problem. I'm two SIM cards, private, and company. Virgin Mobile ( MNVO owned by Play) and Orange. Both are Polish providers, and there is no Volte on any od those cards, but what is even worse, there is no HD Voice. When I'm calling someone, there is a switch from 4g++ to 3g. Quality is really poor. People asking me if I'm talking with them over headphones or is my phone broken ? I'm very supriced that brand new flagship phone can't support common and really basic technology as HD Voice is. Please improve software. I made some research and that is a fact that very few models supports Volte in Poland, but 98% devices supports HD Voice. Please again improve software.



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    I have a suspicion that sometimes the connections actually do not work because VoLTE is missing and the carrier does not even expect a phone that doesn't support it these days... Today I had to restart my Zenfone 7 (yes, older model, but whatever, it's nearly identical to 8 Flip) or I wouldn't hear anything. The call quality was bad compared to my old phone after restart which never ever had issues with incoming connections. You can delay this, but there will be trouble eventually regardless. Either it won't work with VoLTE or it won't work without it. I read somewhere that non-VoLTE calling might get phased out some places on Earth.

  • Yes, they are continously improving. And for better understanding please go through all ch_asus moderator replies on this thread. If they say it than this will surely bring some good hope to users.so here there is just a requirement of some patience.:)

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