when will the ROG phone 5 pro will be lauched in india waiting madly for the pro version

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG phone pro


  • It is launched in india you just need to keep eye on stock availability.There are short comings of ROG 5 PRO & ULTIMATE EDITIONS Globally.

    Today ASUS india have teased about White varient of regular ROG 5 in stock. so most probably they are bringing other varients in stock very soon.

    Stay tuned.

  • do they really need this much gap between the models to be released oohf is there any official date of availability of pro models hope they will make the stock available for the pro version before ROG phone 6 launch

    this is too much time for making an end-user on wait without any conformance of date😐️

  • it's one month passed after the launch still they got the stock of 2 basic models only ?? not event 12/256 variant

    waiting for ROG phone 5 pro 16/512 variant eagerly

  • Yes this is understandable, but unfortunetly no any date conformance for now. If they are about to sale than definelty they will shout out on there social media pages and other tech & official websites. We can just keep eye on them and nothing else.

    I also heared it somewhere that they have seperate production for indian market. And so it is hard for them to stock up each and every model avaialability. But they are pushing up Gradually.

    And yes definetly pro and ultimate model will be available before ROG 6 launch. This wait can be bacause of lot of other reasons like pandemic running in india as lot of pin codes deliveries are not yet active in many regions. So may be this move is to faster the production in mean time. And they have skipped Zenfone 8 launch in india so again this will help them to boost up the stocks.

  • Hi Kirubashankarg,

    Really understand your concern. Due to variety of uncontrollable reasons the requested model isn't available. ASUS is trying their best. Requesting your patience on the same. Thanks.

  • Don't buy it yet. It has so many bugs.

  • this is not the first time as I'm following rog from rog phone 3 where there is not enough stock of the high-end version which is 12/256 variant and they are doing the same thing now

    when they launch rog phone 5 models then the rog phone 3 12/256 variant is available, there I thought its a strategy by Asus which is not good in terms of the user perspective. hope they won't wait until ROG phone 6 to make the ROG phone 5 pro and ultimate models to be on stock...😕

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