Rog Phone 5 Level 3 problem in X Mode without cooling fan?

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  1. Model Name: Rog Phone 5
  2. Firmware Version: WW-18.0840.2103.26
  3. Rooted or not: NO
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Hello everyone.

Do you know if (and when) Asus will unlock the ability to run level 3 in X Mode, without a cooling fan. Because it's a strange thing that the Rog Phone 2 works at 100% power (no fan) and works better in an emulator (e.g. Dolphin).

Rog 2 has a processor frequency of 2.96 GHz while rog phone 5 is max 1.56 GHz. max. It is also strange that other smartphones (not gaming) with the 888 snapdragon work in the machine at full power, without additional accessories.

Rog Phone 3 also has level 3 locked in X Mode, but there, although you can manually set it to run at 3.09Ghz.

Can someone also explain to me the differences in processor timing, for ROG 2/3/5, in the same Level 2 mode in X Mode

Rog 2 (Snapdragon 855+) - 2.39GHz

Rog 3 (Snapdragon 865+) - 2.09GHz

Rog 3 (Snapdragon 888) - 1.56GHz

The more powerful the processor, the lower the clock frequency at Level 2



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    Do absolutely under no circumstance even think about running the Rog5 without fan on xmode 3.

  • @Danishblunt I know throttling and higher smartphone temperatures. But why is it not me who can decide if I am willing to take the risk?

    Xiaomi Mi 11 with 888 snapdragon, copes better with processor management, which translates into better results, in Wii games on a dolphin emulator (and not a smartphone for players)

    Rog 2 supports level 3 without a cooling fan, Rog 3 also (when manually set) and smartphones do not overheat

  • because youre going to kill the phone and demand warranty repair, thats why. From ASUS's perspective the only reaosnable way of letting you use xmode without cooler is you agreeing to forfeit warranty.

    Xioami Mi 11 copes better with the SD 888 chipset???? really now? You mean the "your device is overheating" message that shuts the phone down?

    Because both the rog2 and 3 have more efficient chips onside their phone. The SD 888 has a higher powerdraw causing significantly more heat. Letting the SD 888 run at xmode 3 is way more dangerous than the previous models.

  • Thank you for your response.

    I have three Rog models, so I have some comparison. I do not actually have Mi 11 and here I was based on comparisons with YouTube. I'm not angry with Asus, I just wanted to clear up some doubts.b your answer helped me a lot

  • An advice,don't trust consumer level phones with the same chips,if anything,only gaming phones can handle the 888 on gaming

    But still,comparing consumer phones to gaming phones is an easy win for gaming phones

    Try not to get brainwashed by the biased reviews ok?

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    You can't compare the behavior of older generations with ROG Phone 5. This limit ensures users that there's enough cooling performance to handel the level 3 settings. You still have the advanced settings to do pretty much anything you want. I don't see why you need level 3?

    This is not something we will unlock as we want gamers with less technical knowledge to have a good user experience.

  • @Anders_ASUS Thank you for your response

    I don't need Lv3 anymore 😁

    I did bad performance tests on three ROG models 😅, in a dolphin emulator. It turned out that on ROG 2, there was an option that made the game run faster and added more FPS. With this option turned off, on all three models, and without the X mode. ROG 5 shows POWER, getting at a similar processor clock speed (850 GHz), ROG 5 has 10 fps more than ROG 2.

    Advanced options in X mode, I'm not going to touch 😀

  • 850mhz? Lol

    My rog 3 runs at 3100mhz for refrence. Also 10fps more than rog2 sounds not very compelling, what game are we talking about?

  • Maybe he meant idle or browsing social media? Who games with a measly 850mhz only,low end users?

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    He's probably playing Temple Run

  • I tested them on a dolphin emulator with a Nintendo Wii game "Super Mario Galaxy"

    If I play without settings in Armory Crate, these are the values ​​of the processor

    Game running in full screen in 1080p resolution

    Rog 2

    Rog 3

    When I enabled skip efb access from cpu, on two Rog, we have 60 fps. with the same setting. With Rog 2, this is not a fixed value

    With the game resolution set to 2k and full screen, the differences in favor of Rog 5 are greater

    Rog 2

    Rog 5

  • Ok Ill test it this way, sorry for the mods seeing my "spam" its just more about figuring out why it keeps thinking my posts need some kind of approval and what triggers it. Apparently quoting your post with screenshots seem to be the trigger. So Ill try without quoting you this time :'D

    As mentioned and which u will see most likely if it gets approved, my FPS are 47fps without EFB skipping, which is more than your 34fps without EFB skipping, also showing my clockspeed of 3100mhz instead of your 850mhz, I dont think the game will run stable at all times with 2k resolution when stuff is happening, but I think your phone should handle 1080p stable at all times.

  • No skipping:

    WIth skipping:

  • @Danishblunt how do you get 3.09 GHz on ROG 3? Are you setting max values manually?

    I have 2.96GHz after manual settings in Rog 2. In ROG 5, with similar settings, I have 1.56GHz

  • I have my private kernel, it boosts more aggressive on GPU and CPU. Screenshots of manual setting on 2.96ghz without EFB?

  • 1080p without EFB

    Interesting how to set the maximum CPU in Rog 5? (2.84GHz)

  • No clue, the Rog5 is known to have some severe problems when it comes to performance, many have complained about it, even games like pubg runs horrible on it.

    As you can see the FPS say stable 60fps, but due to very inconsistent framedrops its quite laggy and problematic.

  • I did some tests on ROG 5. 1080p without EFB

    X Mode

    Gaming tuning (manual)

    Console - Advance - edit

    What not to set, max I have 1.56. almost half the performance of previous ROG models

  • Well as I said, it's a common problem, you can pray that ASUS is going to do something about it.

  • @Danish "you can pray"


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