Rog Phone 5 - problems with autostart

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I had a problem with Asus. I blocked all autostart apps what i dont need to use in background. is it ok unless i accepted for working Gmail or whatsup and they dont run. i must open app and manual refresh data. Have some one this same problem? I had in settings turned on for example gmail.

Also i had a dynamic settigns operation system.



  • Firstly make sure all those apps are up to date from Google playstore.

    Check with battery optimisations. if those are set to optimise or dont optimise.

    Clear cache & storage of Mobile Manager app. And check again if you still dont get notifications for those particular apps.

    Settings> apps & notifications >see all apps >Mobile Manager > storage > clear cache/storage/force stop> now check again if this helps

    Also try to reset app preferences for those 3 apps

    • Mobile Manager.
    • Gmail.
    • Whatsapp.

    See if you see some change with behaviour after above recommended settings.


  • hey, i tested but works only for a few hrs :/

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