Asus ROG Phone 5

I have been looking online but cant seem to find anything.

Is the ROG 5 available in the USA? Will it work with T-Mobile?

If not available in the states, is there a trustworthy website to purchase the phone & have it delivered to the US?

Thank you


  • I would not buy it. It's got many issues.

  • I prefer you go for Black shark or red magic they are way better

    Incase you buy rog , dont buy Tencent branded rog 5 , it will be cheaper so you will get attracted to it but in saving few dollars , i will give you msjor troubles with software if you get global flashed one which happens 100% timr and also you wont get warranty , be aware

  • I don't even know if I would consider the Rog5 even usable without cooler at this point, even with cooler it throttles but without it seeing 60+ system temp is very degrading for battery.

  • And asus cooler just sucks , it compulsory needs bs cooler pro to even work 😂

  • Honestly, have you ever tried these devices?

    You probably consider my opinion subjective since I work at ASUS so I will keep it for myself but I can tell you that it would be really interesting to hear from a user who has spent a lot of time with these gaming phones to hear the truth about our software VS theirs.

    And why would it not be usable without a cooler? This is our most efficient cooling solution ever and a 60+ temp will only happen during extreme load in an app like CPU Throttle. Yes, there's a phone with a built-in fan that can maintain a lower temp but then you need to accept the loud fan noise. There are also a lot of other things about this phone that you need to accept. Do you even consider this phone an option?

  • most opinions are subjective, that's why they are opinions, otherwise they mostly are facts. Software has been a major downside of the Rog series in general, it's pretty much fact and has been globally accepted. While the software on the red magic 6 is arguably worse, the other gaming phones Lenovo and black shark have better software support. To give a perfect example here, Rog2, 3 and 5 all still don't have proper VoLTE/ViLTE support, which is pretty much a problem since in some countries the 2g/3g networks are getting shut down rather soon and is considered a basic feature by now, even my brothers old 2016 lenovo has proper VoLTE support. Known bugs like the Charging port not charging anymore on the Rog3 still not fixed either, i won't get much into the countless bugs of the rog5 as its still new and somwhat excused.

    It is absolutely not your most efficient cooler yet, infact it's objectively worse than the Rog3, which in itself is hysterical. The SoC gets 1 part of the heat out from the front of the panel, which is similair to the basicially all powerful phones with a vapor chamber under their screen, however when it comes to the back part, ASUS absolutely did a brainfart move there, for some unknown reasons they put a vapor chamber there with some tape on it which is supposed to transfer heat to the back panel, sadly this is so inefficient at transfering heat, that the phone even with its fan, will eventually start throttling because it cannot transfer the heat on to the back. I mean cmon, comparing that the the heatpipes on the BS3 or BS4, and the heatsink deisgn to the RM6 and Lenovo is just an absolute joke, it's clear the rog5 has been rushed.


    Do I consider the Rog5 an option? Well only under a very specific set of cirumstances, 1 of which being you cannot get the black shark 4, the Rog5 has no redeeming quality to it which makes it superior to the other phones. The black shark won in the audio test, the black shark has even less touch input delay, the black shark has actual shoulder buttons that go in and out via magnets, the "audiophile dac" in the rog5 is just marketing gimmick since the output stage simply isnt good enough to use the DAC chip properly in the first place so there really isnt much of a difference vs lets say a samsung phone that uses a tuned quallcom dac with dolby audio, The RM6 is way more consistent with its performance without having to carry a fan around. The Rog5 only has gimmicks, nothing else. I also don't want to think of the terrible display of durability either, Lenovo and Rog5 being phones that just got rolled doesn't help either. If you can't use a phone as a phone, and have to babysit it, then that's already a rather massive problem. Also the fact that the Rog5 does throttle even with its fan is already a problem in itself.

    So lets her your subjective opinion as to why someone should choose the Rog5 over the other? Go on, try to sell it to the users.

  • Asus gamers that want to upgrade will firstly look at rog 5,but once they do the research,there's proof all over youtube,that it is worse than rog 3 and has basically lost the competition this year for gaming

    Sure the gimmicks that keep you suprised for a week or so have some neat tech to it,but rgb doesn't increase your fps

    And no? It's not just unusable gaming on it,it's way riskier gaming on it than rog 2

    And what classifies as EXTREME load? Benchmarks are made to test a phones stability,which rog 3 currently shines on that

    But in rog 5 case,it reaches a similar level of instability of even iPhones,which have way less cooling than rog 5

    But still,for a gaming phone to throttle,that's just wrong

    And gamers will prefer more fps than sound,being able to not hang and shoot bullets faster than your opponent is way more important than hearing footsteps(which can be seen on the map anyway)

    If someone wants to do hard-core game this year,the best bet is a BS4, IF they can find one,+ the BS4 fan is way superior than any on the market and way more efficient

    But what do I know,I'm just a consumer...

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    True that opinions are subjective ;) What I meant to say is that everything I say will be seen as subjective.

    Anyway, the truth is that most of what you say isn't correct. You get bits and pieces of information here and there looking at reviews, teardowns, forum comments (which aren't necessarily correct) and then you fill the holes with what you believe to sound logical. But it isn't facts. This is important to remember and it's easy to make this mistake. I've done it myself many times just to be proved wrong.

    None of the other brands have the same focus on the WW Rom as we do. The truth can only be told by someone who has used all of these phones as their main device and who has them all at hand to compare whenever they find bugs or differences in features. Everything else is purely based on whatever article or forum thread you might have stumbled upon. No other gaming phone brand has as many users outside of China as ASUS so you will ofc find a lot more to read about ROG Phone than any of the others. And regarding the ROG Phone 3 software charging issue. It has been solved. The reports you've seen since have all been hardware related and covered by warranty.

    ROG 5 has VoLTE support for Telia in Denmark and maybe even the carrier It's great that your brothers old phone supports VoLTE but that doesn't say anything about their latest model as VoLTE needs to be approved by the carrier and model by model.

    It's no secret that the latest SoC runs very hot and when it comes to stability/throttling during intensive workload like 3Dmark stresstest, you have three choices. 1. High fan noise 2. Burn your hands while gaming or 3. Accept that the CPU might throttle to keep comfortable temp but you will still have higher performance than ROG Phone 3. We're not in the business of making worse products. Then we might as well give up as our competitors will run us over. But I can tell you that some of these youtube tests makes me go Uncle Roger Haiyaaaa on them when I see how they're executed. The don't use thermal cameras and they don't even hold the phones in their had. There was this other video where the reviewer stress tested all gaming phones and the Lenovo Legion Duel 2 saw some throttling despite having two fans. How is that possible? Because the reviewer had placed it on the table, blocking the airflow. And in Lenovos defense, this is an unlikely scenario during long and intensive load. But most users watching this video won't question it.

    Regarding when I asked if you consider this phone an option. Maybe I was a bit unclear. I was talking about the RM6.

    Anyway, to answer some of your criticism. Our DAC measures better than any other phone DAC and some of the DACs we outperform has been marketed as an Audiophile DAC. Call it what you want, It's the best one out there if you don't want a dongle.

    And when you say "the terrible display of durability" I have no idea where you got this idea from. The display in ROG Phone 5 is the best ROG Phone display yet. Period. There's no proof of your statement, You can't just make things up.

    I don't need to sell the ROG Phone 5 because I know which phone every serious journalist will pick as the best gaming phone when taking every aspect into consideration. We let the product speak for itself.

    There's no point continuing this conversation. If you still feel you've left something unsaid and you need to say it, then you're welcome to start a new thread.

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