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  • I think you are misunderstood. Let me explain i own a Zenfone 5z with Android 10 Zenui 6, i can see several options in system navigation

    1) Gesture navigation- when you use this option you will see navigation bar always at the bottom of screen.👇

    2) swipe up gesture navigation- when you use this option navigation bar is hidden. as you can read, you can Go back, home, and switch apps only just by swiping up on bottom of screen. And you can use your device with full screen experince everywhere👇

    I am not sure if Zenfone 7/7pro has that swipe up-gesture navigation option in its system navigation. With Android 11.

    So if you have this option then you can use this 2nd option,if you want to hide that bottom space with navigation bar.


  • Neah. On zf7 you only get 2 options. Buttons or gesture. And gesture has the pill because google has the pill. I checked the pixel 3a and it is exactly same as ours...

  • rimsv77rimsv77 Level 2

    The 2 options are: 1. Wait for the repair 2.root and adjust to your liking. And then there's option 3: another phone. I chose root for now. I would still like to vote. Otherwise, the zenfon 7 is the perfect machine. And I would like if asus finally adjusted everything I wanted: a white line, dial, seconds in hours. Support indefinitely ...;-)

  • rimsv77rimsv77 Level 2

    One more thing: vote, vote and vote. And then voWifi ... ;-)

  • If you have root, then you can make VoWifi for yourself ;)

  • rimsv77rimsv77 Level 2

    exactly. solved...;-)

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