Asus ROG 5 - Voice disappear during calls

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1. Asus ROG 5 16gb 256gb Black

2. 18.0830.2101.86

3. No

4. Intermittent during calls

During calls I "disappear" for a brief moment, so the one I talk with cannot hear me. Then it's fine again, might just last a second or a few. It occurs randomly during calls, at times there are no issues for 15 minutes, then it can happen every second minute.

This happens with different people I talk with and on my old ROG (first generation) phone this doesn't occur with the same connection.

First I thought it might be due to how I hold the phone but it can happen on speakers too.

Anyone else experienced this?

Loving the phone otherwise, but this is rather annoying!


  • Todd1235Todd1235 Level 1

    Hey man, I have the same problem, no resolution as far as I know...

  • I have same problem, I think my Rog is a strange version, with strange firmware...

  • KiLLeR_DKiLLeR_D Level 1

    Same here..also does not work VOLTE

  • Same here and no volte either

  • MiwanMiwan Level 1

    i have audio call issue too, but when i use speakers, the sound look like a robot,

    this phone look like to have many problems with calls . ..

  • Same is happening to me in Denmark.

    I got about 2 min of conversation and then just out of nowhere they can't hear me, gotta hang up and make a new call

  • Also min rog3 virker som den skal, har ikke oplevet nogle drop outs når jeg ringer til en eller bliver opkaldet. Hvilken udbyder har du? Måske har det noget med VoLTE at gøre, da jeg kun har set at TDC og Telia er i whitelisten på Rog5 firmware hvis jeg husker det rigtig, min teori er at måske dropper den LTE forbindelsen og skifter ikke til den normale 2g/3g netværk rigtig og du derfor mister forbindelsen til din opkald. Er dog kun en teori 🤷‍♂️

    Yeah for those wondering what i wrote, thats exacly how I feel when you write in whatever language you please 🤣

  • 阿咏阿咏 Level 1
    edited May 2021

    Hi same intermittent issue here, so annoying, how can i fix it?

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