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    🤣🤣 Yeah, you let this thread continue :)

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    It's already proven that Asus doesn't know what Bimonthly means. Atleast 2 - 3 out of last year's 6 updates were late. And 4-5weeks late.

    Also I don't think not having clarity/official revert om android Update policy can be discounted because of "device is complicated". I mean you could have upfront put a statement saying there will be only one update.

    Also need I remind you so called bug fixes taking too much long, bluetooth fixes took more than 6 months to get fixed, Airtel voWiFi is still missing since 18 Months now, how many time you expect people to be okay with "we are working on it"?

    I can't imagine how incompetent Asus is in cutting a deal with Airtel for poor users sake.

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    Here we go again lol

    Yeah, and you still don't understand that Airtel VoWifi/VOLTE/ViLTE is still under testing like @ARP_ASUS has gladly said to you. He also mentioned it is working for some region. I don't know whether you work or not or just a student or maybe retired, I'm sure you know project work don't go to plan. Furthermore, moderators mainly ARP_ASUS has said updates will be provided when it's ready. I would prefer them giving out proper updates rather than an update just for you.

    Also I don't think not having clarity/official revert om android Update policy can be discounted because of "device is complicated". I mean you could have upfront put a statement saying there will be only one update.

    Again, if you did your research as to your security update comment and OS updates for ROG, I was expecting delays and never assumed I would get the updates. For this matter, you could have well pretty well done some research rather than a company stating you will get one updates. Never works like that, a company telling you their downside when selling phones. Go and search on YouTube for when phones get honest advertisements.

    Have you even worked on Androids before? I mean like working on C side of things? Not like the thing you get on IDEs where you drag and drop lol. You are playing down the hard work developers do in order to get these devices working.

    And to the OP, the shoulder/air triggers is not for show. It works. I bet your OnePlus/Samsung device doesn't do that.

    By the way @ImShrey, how is the legal action going?

  • 18 months not enough to complete the Airtel #Vowifi project? (Is it a project really?)

    "Fan boy moment"

    Asus favourite phrases

    "In works",

    "Will be available as soon as it's ready",

    "ROG is a gaming phone don't expect top tier company level of commitment"

    "We are a small company"

    lol 😆

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    18 months of testing is not enough. Only simple minds think it is easy and quick to do. In addition, you have this pandemic and when testing, you need to be at different environment settings. The land mass of India is not exactly small either and this is clearly proven on here as some complaining how far a service centre is.

    So yeah, it shows how much you know.

  • My take away from your statement "18 months is not enough for enabling Vowifi". Period

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    Still not getting the point do you?

    Enabling is easy as this functionality is already in the phone like Jio is.

    The time is in testing to ensure it works, and works at the right time. Otherwise, there will be legal reprucussions for manufacturers if it doesnt work such as in emergency cases.

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    Open any thread, you are always ready to make comments on issues posted by users as a Asus spokesperson. ARE YOU GETTING SOMETHING FREE ?? Please let's me know, we will join the Asus brigade.

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    You read that 1st paragraph yourself. It's real fanboy moment.

    I can list many brands, even asus's own laptop division having better documented device support plan.

    Also I guess infinixes, xolos and tecnos are really investing 1-1.5 years to get voWiFi working technically and "contractually" with Airtel for their 5-10k INR phones. That too before the phone launches mostly. And here we have asus who is half baking and releasing it in 2021 for a phone which was planned since 2019, and Costs like 5-10times more.

    "I don't know whether you work or not or just a student or maybe retired, I'm sure you know project work don't go to plan." : I mean you can check who is active how much on this forum. Who is mindlessly defending some brand in every single thread, and you will know who is working and who is not.

    Okay The C?

    Lets get some lessons shall we?

    Mostly, in general, while in SDLC we have sprints planned. We have pipelines and workflows through which product in question, wiz say firmware, gets worked and examined by various stakeholders, BAs, Architects, Devs, QAs, Testers etc.

    All sprints have either bugs/epics/user stories, though considering asus's track record on rog 2, we only have bugs, and few epics/featues like voWiFi.

    In each sprint, bugs and epics get added. Ideally these should be finished by the end of each sprint.

    By finished I mean go through that whole pipeline, from BA to Testers. After which it would get released as an OTA update.

    This closes old sprint and starts a new one.

    Issue with asus is many bugs and epics/features are pending and delayed across multiple sprints. Though I can't predict but a Sprint for Asus could be something like 'Bimonthly', a period between 2 OTAs.

    And yet, bugs reported in one sprint get fixed in 2-3th sprint. To what it's worth, it gets identified in the same og sprint (As anders and other guys revert in PM).

    Missing sprint targets repeatedly is such terrible software development industry. People loose jobs because of it.

    Now your argument: "they need testing time". Okay but being in pipeline, testing comes under a sprint itself. So it should adehere to the same deadlines. If it's not possible? Generally Project managers allocate more resources to such issues.

    Also I don see asus running UAT too. I have found many bugs which are claimed to be fixed in OTA changelog but in reality they aren't fixed yet. We had to rereport them. So much months long test huh?😂

    (I heard there are like 1 or at most 3 guys working as testers for rog 2🤦‍♂️).

    Also delays due to holidays?

    In all major enterprises, everything is planned ahead of the time. At least you hire that much competent product managers. Sprints are paced around major holidays so that there are no unnecessary delays. But here we got update delayed by more than a month and a half. It almost sneaked 2 sprints for a release.

    Fact: Asus's development team to it very core must be missing sprint goals consistently, you can't ignore that.

    Be how much complicated product be, you as a product owner had all the information and data exposed to you before hand, you set release cycle to 2 months, there by already giving 2-3times longer sprint duration than industry normal. Plus you have all the resources at your disposal to get those goals met in defined deadlines.

    Not able to do it is just plain incompetent product management.

    School is over, bye bye.

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    Nope, I don't.

    Only about software development life cycle, but nothing on "C" as in the language.

    For you, you might not care about the accessories or the "gaming features" the gamers want. If that doesn't tell you anything compared to other phones, I don't know what will.

    You might as well say Apples and Oranges are the same. It is fruit, same thing. Doh!

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    Circumstantial stuff. All of the 3rd party blockers ate estimated before hand. Perhaps way before product is released for first time. So that you have defined timeline for them.

    Again I don't see any reason as to simple things getting delayed bfor 18 months, you say whatever you want but voWiFi on Airtel is not some edge case. It's a fundamental feature.

    Yeah so where is that system for UAT? People arr sending in the logs for bugs that were said to be 'fixed'. Either its faulty UAT or incompetent Testing. You decide. Dec 2020 update mentioned BT issue was fixed, but it was actually fixed in last month's OTA.

    "you bought the phone knowing it didn't had voWiFi": Plain old victim blaming. Let me know how one was suppose to get info if asus had voWiFi for airtel? No info in product specs. If somehow you knew it didn't had, one would assume they would add it later considering its such trivial thing for such a device. Now was there any press release/statement stating otherwise? It was in conclusive as is the case with android updates (major ones), lack of transparency.

    I was talking about this when I compared other brands and asus's laptop division. I didn't said anything about windows update, read better mate.

    Many firmware flaws, that infamous bug in asus software update utility were handled with great transparency. Proper statements and etas. Nothing like that here. Just misguiding statements like "as and when ready".

    Its comic how from "Bimonthly" asus moved to "as and when ready". They had publically commited to Bimonthly updates.

    And C?

    char victim[] = "zentalk user complaining about genuine issue";

    char *blame = &victim;

    //Points blame to a victim 🤦‍♂️😂😂

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    Yes or no, you cannot answer to the "C" question. I rest my case. Anyone could of searched on Google and find their answers and pretend to know. If you did know, you won't be complaining as you are now and most of all, software development cycles won't have been mentioned.

    As for UAT, clearly you haven't given them the full phone settings because phone issues can occur at different settings. Like I have said, you won't find your phone settings in the logs. Perhaps it was tested in a scenerio but happened in another.

    Yeah, you still not getting the point. The VOLTE features for Airtel is ready on the phone just like any other carriers. Field testing is what takes ages because it would be the first time and you need to travel around the country to ensure proper signals. IF this was important for you, yes you could of looked it up on compatible devices list before buying.

    You are not understanding the difference between laptops and phones updates, assuming you are talking about updates. Laptop gets Windows update, not manufacture updates *sigh* phones get manufacturer updates.

    Should Asus roll out the red carpet for you when the fixes are done? I heard about the biomonthly updates, but never seen it communicated formally on media or press releases, but that doesn't mean it is official and something that is contractual, otherwise your lawsuit would of worked. Also, there is 2 new generations of ROG phones ahead of ROG 2, so using your software development lifecycle explanation, the updates would would decrease over time as it is considered a major/epic release. I had an issue, that was fixed in the next update, now please don't tell me Asus don't fix anything and it is been many months. So you tell me, who is playing the victims game?

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    Just for you @ImShrey

    I am not from India and it was an easy find.

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    Only the base variant is selling now btw pro and ultimate will release later probably (they are listed currently in flipkart as coming soon)

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    You are repeating same stuff all the time.

    Also I clearly stated, wasn't talking about windows update, but more specifically the way asus handles device support. BIOS and Asus's update utility are supported and updated by asus the manufacturer and not microsoft. Seems like someone is being lazy and not doing research.

    And Again C? So you advocate for doing good research and you can do it yourself?

    Here, let me help you:

    Do I know C? You have your answer. In case you still want rigid yes/no answer, "YES"!

    Isn't it convenient how you ignore many valid questions from conversations and instead focus more on opinions and not facts. Why false positive changelog and bug fixes? Why its not common to have brands miss deadlines by months repeatedly? Why you call something fixed and but actually you just removed that feature altogether? ( You can check last year's releases there was this bug fix which just removed the feature completely instead of fixing it, i think it was adaptive icon in dev menu).

    Agin UAT, that's the thing there is no concrete channel that asus put it place through which asus can do UAT. That's what I'm saying, "no proper UAT" there is just pseudo attempt .

    And btw UAT happens mostly *before major releases. But guess what there is no nightly/beta testing for incremental OTAs. Unlike other brands.

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    Meh, so you think any guy on this forum doesn't know about this webpage?

    What this page proves? Nothing.

    As I said earlier,


    Let me know how one was suppose to get info if asus had voWiFi for airtel? No info in product specs. If somehow you knew it didn't had, one would assume they would add it later considering its such trivial thing for such a device. Now was there any press release/statement stating otherwise? It was inconclusive.


    So you had to look at Airtel to get this info and not Asus. This what I have been saying, there need of better support, transparency and communication. Not just "as and when ready"/"we are working on it for last 18 months".

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    Valid points that are irrelevant to my questions I asked initially. Also to stop huge essays and going off topic. That's why I changed my post so it doesn't go off topic.

    Now you got to answer the C question, then you would know the complication then between a gaming phone a phone that doesn't do anything else but just a phone (hopefully).

    Wrong! It proves that research is possible and that you would know the phone won't support VOLTE. The phone is not built for specific carriers. You don't need to have a handset to know these things - you can ask

    As we are not getting anywhere @Aryan202 :

    From what I understand, people don't read the reviews and don't read the things the phone can do before buying. But what's the Pro and Ultimate? There's Ultimate for ROG 2, but not heard of Pro. Is that the 512GB Disk Space and 12GB RAM Variant?

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    Rog 5 has 3 variants this year

    Rog 5 base 8/128 12/256

    Rog 5 pro with secondary back anime matrix panels and extra two triggers

    12 and 16 gb variants

    Rog 5 ultimate is the costliest one with matte back and 18gb ram (rest same as pro)

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    I thought it was ROG 5, but we were talking about ROG 2 lol.

    To be honest, I won't call it a gaming hardware if the specs are as normal to other phones. Maybe for casual gaming, but definately not for hardcore gamers.

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    Oof my comment came between a discussion that's why the misunderstanding lol

    I was referring to orginal author of this thread

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