Fan speed 100% from startup but MyAsus says the fan is ok

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: UX482EG Zenbook Duo 14 2021
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Just now, but all the time with no fluctuations. From boot to shutdown the fans are spinning at 100%
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

Suddenly my fans are spinning at 100%. The device woke up from sleep and started cranking and GPU temperature is at 41 deg CPU at 1% usage. How do I stop it? How do I fix it?


  • Hi there,

    It is possible that the fan would speed up after sleep mode, as it is re-detecting the temperature and settings.

    but it should clam down and stabilize after a while.

    May you specify more if you still have the issue?

    Thank you.

  • @potatosubwoofer, mine behaves the same way, after sleep or hibernation.

    I have other machines, from Toshiba and Lenovo, that behave the same way. Even my macbook pro does it, from time to time, specially when docked to a hub. All of them, after a while decrease fan speed and work as supposed to.

  • I meant more like it was spinning at full for a few hours for no reason. I left it to see if it would go away on it's own but it didn't.

    I did figure it was a sleep state problem and I managed to make it stop by shutting it down on battery, plugging it in and then turning it on while plugged in (or some combination of such). Very strange, as I certainly wouldn't want this to happen while I was away from my charger (and for that matter it really shouldn't happen at all)

  • Ok, that kind of behaviour I've never witnessed. Can it be some software it the background that controls the fan, like a temperature monitor or something else you have installed?

  • May you specify what did you change in setting?

    Thank you.

  • Yeah I deliberately didn't download anything here but I know what you mean because I used similar things on my old McBook Pro. I trust Asus's power management stuff especially with the flagship zenbook attention this model is getting so i go against my engineer instincts and don't try to modify it too much. Must have been a bios glitch of some sort waking the CPU from sleep as far as I understand

  • I didn;t change any settings actually, my power plan is the Asus recommended and running both whisper mode and performance mode from the MyAsus control panel.

  • Sorry I'm really confused.

    "I did figure it was a sleep state problem and I managed to make it stop by shutting it down on battery, plugging it in and then turning it on while plugged in (or some combination of such)."

    so the issue is only when the laptop is not connected with the adapter?

    Well...then we may dig in the power setting, the sleep/hibernate setting are different on AC/DC mode.

    So waking up from sleep mode and hibernate mode would have different behavior as well.

    Thank you.

  • No it was not an issue with the adapter from what I can understand it was an issue with the processor waking from sleep in the wrong power mode and as I understand putting it into low power state on battery and then waking it up on AC caused it to change the mode it was in erroneously beforehand

  • So you mean

    first you are on DC mode, then the battery drop to low power state,

    then you put the laptop to sleep mode,

    then you plug in the adapter, and wake up the laptop.

    You see the power mode changed? This seems pretty normal.

    And then the fan is running fast or a long time, this seems pretty normal too.

    Did I misunderstand anything?

    Thank you.

  • The battery did not drop to a low power state, I never said that? Is it normal for the fan to run at full speed for hours at a time when CPU is at 2% usage and the discrete GPU is disabled?

  • Hi there,

    Would you mind to record a video of the whole process? It really difficult to understand by your wording.

    How did you know the fan is at full speed? which program are you using for detection?

    Thank you very much.

  • SrđanSrđan Level 1

    I have the same problem, it happens after waking from sleep, and, the same as in OP's case, MyASUS doesn't recognize any error. Laptop ZenBook 14 Q407, Windows 10 20H2 update.

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