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Hi guys can anybody here tell me how to lock 4G LTE band on ROG 3 without Root.

Earlier I was using LG thinQ Phone and it has a secret code to lock LTE band to band 3,5,40 or whatever desired bands without Root.

The Problem is I'm using JIO network and here at my location the internet speed is very horrible on LTE Band 3 and Band 40 and I used to lock my LG ThinQ on Band 3 and Band 5 and I was getting very good speed. But on the ROG 3 I'm not getting any solution to this and end up with a horrible Internet Speed.

I Request to the Asus Officials to look on this issue and come with a resolution. If I'm using a beast phone and the internet speed is bad then what is the benefit of buying a beast phone ?


  • Hi,

    Currently there is no way to do the same.

    Its decided automatically by the firmware. Also, for network issue you check with the network provider if they can help on this.

  • Hi like I said there are secret dialing codes which can be used to go to the band settings to select different bands on 4G,3G and 2G network.

    Brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Oppo were having this Feature and I used this feature on both OnePlus and Xiaomi.

    Asus is missing this feature from its firmware.

    All I'm asking is in the next OTA please consider adding this basic feature so that your customers don't have to switch their phones for just a simple feature

  • You could possibly try enabling it from the phone information settings screen by dialling *#*#4636#*#

    The is a drop down menu and band selection tab that might possibly work

    Note that I've only seen this band settings tab on the android 11 beta phone information screen.

  • I know from android 11 beta you can access band settings via the *#*#4636#*#* code in the phone dialer

    then in the 3 dot menu top right corner there is band settings option.

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  • Hi thanks for the information shared.

    I can get to the same screen by Quick Shortcut maker app on A10 which you can easily get from playstore. However there is not enough option to select any specific band from 4G. Eg: band 3 or band 5 or band 40.

    This can be easily fix by Asus through a OTA Update.

  • Hi it's been awhile and I didn't hear a favourable revert from you.

    Can we get this option enabled in the next OTA ?

    Can you please share this information with your Devs so they can implement this feature like other brand phones have in the next OTA

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