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I have ROG 5 since 11 days. I realised that display have too much green and only little too much blue color, lacking red.

It results with displaying some colors incorrectly, like orange is more yellow, purple is dull, gray has green tint.

It is almost unnoticable when you not comparing with another device, but it is very big problem for me.

That's normal or something is wrong with my device?

P.s. problem stays the same no matter what brightness.

I tried color overlay app, added red and little blue and it fixed wrong colors, but it is not a solution, because it destroys other colors.


  • Its normal you have the same problem as the oneplus 8 pro users. Samsung panels have green tint issues, this is known since a very long time now.

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    But this is problem with every unit or replace can help?

  • This is a problem which isnt exclusive to the rog5 but it spreads across all units that uses samsung displays:

    Oneplus 8 Pro:

    Galaxy S9:

    Galaxy S10:

    Galaxy S20 and S20 ultra:

    What to note here is that depending on device the effect is either very minor or rather severe. In the case of the Oneplus 8 Pro and the Rog5 the panels have been rather mishandled causing them to reproduce pictures more undesirable, on the case of the samsung phones, the green tint is usually not affecting the unit on higher brightness levels but only on very low brightness, that being said in the case of the OP 8 pro and Rog5, they have some rather quesitonable calibration and have some new issues introduced by the pixelworks chip, such as blurring and most probably an streghneing effect of the tinted color even on higher brightness.

    ASUS isn't exacly known for handling displays very well on their phones, which can be seen in the Rog3 section. However unlike the Rog3, I don't know if the display can be fixed on the Rog5 due to some issues such as the motion blur is caused by the iris chip, meaning unless you can instruct the chip how to process images this might be a hardware problem and not fixable.

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    I refunded my ROG 5, because this anoying green tint. I do not understand why Asus dont have fully adjustable RGB like Xiaomi. I could fix that by myself in few seconds. So shame.

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