Rog 3 display fully calibrated, no more color banding, black crush or red tint at any setting

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So after some of you may have seen my "colorbanding defeated" topic, I have cleared the color banding issue and the next ones where fixing black crush (not pixalation, but dark scenes being so dark you cannot see anything) on very low brightness level and red tint, today I've finally done it. Finetuned everything to absolute perfection, the panel achieves lower brightness level even compared to other phones such as Samsung S21, Oneplus 9 pro, Sony Xperia II without losing any details to crushed blacks. Even at "0%" brightness, no red tint is visible on any videos, no matter how dark they are.

Now how was this achieved?!

As already mentioned from the very beginning when I first started the journey, this solution did require a dynamic solution. It's simply not enough to just have 1 calibration profile and hope it would work, you do need multiple profiles based on the brightnes for the panel in order to fix the panel completely. This is the first phone to my knowledge that does not suffer from any type of tint without minimum brightness being extremely high or IPS panel (after fix), most phones have green tint such as oneplus, samsung, Iphone and currently stock Rog3 has red tint. So far manufactuers have been trying to fix the tinting by upping the minimum brightness so that the screen cannot go low enough to have noticable tint, which I find a bad solution especially for a person like me who is quite sensitive to light.

To all who already have my solution, you know where the find the update :)

I hope the ASUS devs will also implement dynamic profiling on the rog3 screen as well, there is such an incredible potential. I also hope that other manufacturers will finally start doing the same, it's so sad to see so many great panels being under utilized because of nobody being bothered to handle it correcly.

I will derp a little more trying to see how low I can get brightness wise until it becomes impossible to not have black crush, after that I'll show you guys the incredible results ^.^



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