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I updated my phone to Android 11, but why was the phone manager, contacts, clock, file manager, weather, and other programs not renewed !!!! Because all programs are the same as Android 10


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    It was renewed with the ZenUI 7 update, but we already had ZenUI 7 on Android 10. They probably used the Zenfone 6 changelog and forgot about that

  • I did not understand where the change is ???? Why did I not have this change

  • I updated my phone via the page @ Is this the reason that I did not find any changes in my phone such as clock, weather, contacts and the rest of the programs !!!!

  • Because Zenfone 7/7pro already had Zenui 7 with Android 10 and asus decided to build Android 11 on top of Zenui 7. Also you know that there is not much huge diffrence between Android 10 &. Android 11 officially from google and so that is reason there is not much huge changes to be noticed. Also let me tell you Zenfone 7/7pro will get a renewed UI with Zenui 8 which will be build on top of Android 12 in future for Zenfone 7/7pro.

    So till than enjoy Android 11... Having some here and there tweaks. Also remember ZenUI is really very close to stock and you know close to stock experinces always brings less customisations to UI so also this is one of the reason for less renewed UI so expecting a huge change with every update is not acceptable. 😉


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    What changes are you looking for because clock.whether contacts and the rest are pretty much the same so what are you looking for???

  • I mean, when you read below the update, the changes that Android 11 brings to the phone, 90% of these changes never happen and almost everything remains on the state of Android 10

  • What changers are you actually taking about.? I am not being clever or anything like that I'm just not sure what is missing on your phone.please give some details as in what is on A11 that you don't get, that way you will get some help. All the updates/ changes that Asus says are there are actually there so if you are not getting them then it's a problem so you need to give details so people can help you. You may have flashed the wrong update or your phone may not be in a ,, good state . All these can be fixed but we need exact details

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