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  • Rog has always been marketed in India

    Asus sponsors local Indian esport gamers and influencers

    3/5 both got this treatment

  • About durability my Nexus 6p is still alive even after taking a lot of beating :)

    At the end of the day the YouTube reviews aren't end all

    Even the legion broke in his test and OnePlus 9 which uses a plastic frame wasn't even tested

    OnePlus 7t,ipad broke too but real life I know many with those devices but no issues

  • People who want to buy any devices will buy it anyways tbh

  • 6000mah,wifi 6e support actually matters to me tbh

    Including jack and led

    Those small features are good quality of life features in the long run

    It's just I see R5 as better value

    OnePlus 9 and R5 at same price I choose R5

    If it costed more I could've gone a different way then

    OnePlus doens't even have a proper fps meter and is filled with bloat like red cable crap which is permanently pinned in settings with all OnePlus adware inside

  • 4500 FHD on OnePlus 9 pro just gives 5-6 hr sot (no gaming)

    That's pretty terrible

  • So much inaccurate fanboyism hurts my brain.

    Lets just dissassemble the crap you posted together and showcase why its dumb to begin with.

    1.) I was specifically talking about their presentation on both the rog3 and rog5, they obviously still market it afterwards but if you compare both the rog3 and rog5 you will see that the rog3 has considerably less "look at this" kind of marketing due to the things I mentioned above.

    2.) Just because you had a crappy nexus that survived doesnt make it less of a fragile device. The same as bendgate deniers cannot make the Iphone 6 and Iphone 7 less of a disastrous device either. To give you an example on how dumb your argument is it's like saying because 1 guy who doesnt have a problem that means everyone doesnt have the same problem. And the legion is even more fragile and I wouldnt ever consider buying it for exaclyt that reason as well. The Ipad isnt important because it can bend without damaging the PCB, the problem wiht the Iphone and probably also the rog5 is that their bending will happen on the PCB as well which will break solderjoints causing stupid issues that shouldnt happen in the first place, not only that but the 7t has serioues problems where the back glass keeps breaking due to its "flexing" nature.

    Here you can see that its always the same place where it cracks.

    3.) Sad but true facts, this is why companies sell substandard quality because there are sheep that still buy it because of "uhhhh shiny" design and misleading reviewers and topic creators such as yourself who make people believe they actually buy quality.

    4.) Wifi6e is a moot point because of 2 practical problems:

    Due to the high frequency of the wifi 6e band the connection speed itself is super fast but also super unstable if you're not very close to the router itself, it introduces packet loss and other annoying things. This makes it quite annoying to use in the first place because you preferbly want to sit away from your router, not only that but most people don't have actual bandwitdh to even care about the potential benefits anyways. If you really care about having the best esports performance you'd have a long cable connected to a hub and you'd be using ethernet. It's much like the 5G internet marketing where they promise up to 1000/1000mbit connection speed while in reality you'd have to be exacly in front of a radio tower without any obstructions in order to get that, which is basicially not practical at all unless you want to specifically build a house next to a tower and play with an open window.

    5.) While again, they are small things which some might consider valuable, the loss of good camera, support and screen, wireless charging and no IP rating is just to much to give up for those small things.

    6.) Just getting an app for FPS meter solves the problem to begin with. It's not an argument, also as for quality of life, considering how the dev community on the OP is vastly larger than rog5, you also get much better EOL support as well.

    7.) As for your battery life claim:

    13:10hours of web browsing and 15:19h video playback, that again far exceeds your claim of 5-6hours. While the battery in the rog5 certainly is better and longer lasting, I find the efficiency lacking. WHen compared to the red magic 6, the Rog5 has similair battery life despite having a 1000mah more than the rm6.

    Overall you keep bringing up the same points mixed in with some made up things like battery life which leads me to believe that you simply are trying to justify your purchase. As far as I'm concerned I wopuldnt buy any of these phones but if i had to choose between those two it would be the OP9 due to all mentioned above, the OP9 is simply a sweeter deal than the "gaming" phone that cannot do gaming without throttling.

  • Also to bring up something funny, I talked a bit with my very small but passionate rog3 community and they all seem to have purchased the rog3 because of the durability displayed at jerryrigeverythings test. Durability is a huge selling point, larger than I actually figured it would be.

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    Did you ever earlier owned a Rog device?

    I would recommend you to have R5 with pro variant ( just I want you experience the things which we existing users are fed up of asus mobile software updates . ) I want you realise someday later in life when you face issues then you relate that someone gave thier precious unbiased on hands review so that you will not feel that you were scammed by marketing campaigns like I fell for.

  • Based on this response I can almost certainly tell you have a rog3 device.

  • Ummm on part 4 you said something about wifi 6e not being very reliable

    I'm planning to get an optical fiber "super fiber" "super fast" broadband plan where the optical fiber cable will connect directly to my "latest technology" router

    The small box that these special cables will be installed,is just 2 meters near my house

    According to my providers claims,I will have a guaranteed 100mbps and since it's optical fiber,if I choose the 200mbps plan,I will have around 180mbps all the time,since I'll be using just my rog 3 and rarely my old af laptop

    What do you think? Will it be wifi6e? And what if I choose a router that ends with "ad" at its name?

    According to an official europe site,it promises up to 600mbps of a connection

    (Also note that all "quotations" have been a marketing gimmick by my provider,but it's better than nothing)

  • With a 200mbit connection you're not even anywhere near saturating a wifi 5 connection let alone wifi 6.

  • Btw @Danishblunt

    Check out this video, thehe OnePlus 9 is throttling af (expect same from 9pro it already has a lot of thermal and throttle complains

    OnePlus9pro cod graph data 😂

    And the fans seem to be helping a lot on 888 phones

  • I am aware of the OP9 throttling, samsung phones throttle even with older SD chipsets it's still not an argument because those phones arent being marketed as gaming phones. It's not their purpose. This makes the rog5 throttling even more pathethic.

    Yes it does better on the surface temps, but the rog5 still throttles under gaming which can be seen on the RM6 vs Rog5 comparison. I already showcased that the youtuber you keep clinging too is quite bad at doing proper tests but let me explain why his antutu tests are dumb.

    Antutu benchmark is a pretty bad benchmark because it works much like 3dmark on PC. Both benchmarks have the same idea by testing components seperatively which is a problem, while on PC it's an ok concept to eliminate bottleneck from the CPU, on phones it's dumb because CPU's and GPU's are always the same within the SoC's, this causes the large problem that it doesnt emulate what games do, use both CPU and GPU at the same time which in turn will cause higher power draw and thermals.

    This is why i keep pointing towards useful testing like the guy who takes the rm6 and rog5 while using the rog5 fan and shows at face value whats happening with both phones, aka rog5 throttling, since that test is relevant and valid. I don't care for misleading tests that inexperenced "reviewers" do that showcase nothing but that it runs a single application which cannot be applied to other applications.

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    Hm I dunno really I mean other gaming phones might be a bit better but 41 degrees temp after playing genshin for 1hr on 60 fps + very high looks pretty good to me

    He ran various benchmarks 100+ chrome tabs and etc should be enough

    Cod too runs at constant 60fps compared to 51-52 on 9pro

    Isn't a gaming phone just supposed to run a little cooler and maintain peak performance for longer it just seems to be doing that

    OnePlus is not a gaming phone yes but it has the same chip and their now every OEM has some sort of "cooling" in place

    Gaming phones are now normal phones with extra stuff like jack,bigger battery and stuff

    Yes camera is mostly mid though,imx 686 is still a pretty capable sensor though

    Aero active cooler may not be the best cooler but it's doing it job though

    Even if let's say a phone like red magic or legion does a little better would you take it over rog at the same price? Saying overall

    Ik you know more technical stuff but so far reviews and people who have got the phone are saying positive stuff about the phone

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    And availability wise you can't find phones like Nubia and black shark everywhere

    In India they don't sell anymore

    Rog is the only popular option here

  • Btw just wanted to point this out the OnePlus 9 pro base model (8/128) is 200$ more costlier than Rog 5 8/128 in India

    OnePlus 9 base costs exactly the same as R5 tho but the value it offers is pretty meh

  • Guess what the system temp of Iphone is below 36 degrees. Let's now spread the word that it's good at cooling, oh wait it's internals are running at over 100c, whoopsieeeeeee. Same goes for the Rog5, internals are way way higher than the temp you're seeing.

    For instance, my rog3, has a system temp around 40-43 when playing genshin impact, but the SoC is maxed at 82c, averaging at 68c, which is below throttling point. Basicially what I'm saying here is, system temp is absolutely, 100%, worthless. Stop using system temp as any type of measurement unless you want to talk about how the device feels in your hands, in terms of performance and throttling, the system temp is irrelevant.

    What you're trying is useless. Don't compare the OP9 vs rog5 in terms of gaming, we all know the rog5 will perform better, but it sucks at all the other stuff I've mentioned, if you're willing to give everything up just for raw gaming performance over the other benefits like support, water resistance, camera, better screen, wireless charging and so on, then you'd be better off with a rm6 which is objectively performing better, be it on sustained loads or even short loads and doesnt have quality of life concerns.

    A gaming phone is supposed to not throttle. That's it's shtick, if it doesn't even do that, then whats the point of it to begin with? Hell we already saw first user who cannot even play on max settings genshin impact over long period of time without it giving "USB warning" indicating a similair problem the rog2 has.

    Calling a gaming phone normal phone is quite wrong. Gaming phones have certain gaming features other phones don't have, it's not just cooling.

    As for your question about if i would choose rm over Rog5, answer is, any day of the week. The rog5 already has some thermal issues, some durability issues and even indicating of an upcoming death period like the rog2, I wouldnt even purchase the rog5 at half price.

    Yeah "reviewers" say positive stuff about the phone because of they are clueless. This is why i dislike modern reviewers because they are just normal people who have no real knowledge and just shove some useless information down peoples throat and for some reason people don't realize this and take their word. Nobody said anything bad about the Iphone 6 or 7, nobody said anything bad about the Iphone x and newer massive throttling issues, but now users are all over the place being extremely mad for the defective devices. Android world no different, nobody told people about the color banding on the OP8 pro and Rog3, everyone got extremely mad there too, not a single reviewer had the brain capacity to actually test ASUS's and Oneplus's claim of "color calibrated" screen, they just looked at it and be like. "Dis is nice screen, hurr durr"

    To showcase how exceptionally dumb your argument is, it's like having a patient in the hospital who has a sickness and needs to be treated, you have 100 people who don't have any medical knoweldge aside from google searched nonsense but they all seem to agree it's sickness Y, but then there is 1 doctor who says it's sickness X. By your logic because clueless people are agreeing over the 1 doctor, it must be sickness Y. It's a non starter to beign with, this is why I'm telling people about the rog5 to spread awareness. I am sick and tired of misleading reviewers who have no clue what they're talking about.

  • Even 10k phone is better than ROg3 when it comes to display..Imagine u spend 50k on a phone and u can't get to watch a single movie due to black crush.sometimes it feels like throwing this phone out of window

  • I have Asus Rog 3 and it's display is very very bad and of cheap quality

  • The display is quite great, I already linked you to a topic to showcase that the display itself is actually quite good, however that ASUS has mishandled it.

    That being said, this is rog5 section, please keep it that way, while comparisons to the rog3 are fine, speaking only about the rog3 in the rog5 subforum is simply wrong.

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