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Hello, don't become new total update last update is .107 can you tell me what's the problem?


  • I have the same problem. Since that update, I had to download the subsequent updates from the web and install them manually. It seems that no one at Asus solves this problem, there must be some problem with the serial number of our Zenfone 6 and the ASUS server so that it does not provide us with updates.

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    Same for me, I have finally installed 137 manually (I updated 127 manually too)

  • Hi,

    I have also this problem. The last update I received was .107.

    I am now on .127 to which I update manually ... It seems that I have to update to 137 manually too

  • Hello

    We noticed this thread and modified the setting, could you check the update again?

    Thank you

  • My problem was solved.

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