Miracast not working properly on A11

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there is a question coming In this post just providing some info first please 🥺 I was on A 11 for a few days the only reason I went back to A10 is because the Miracast function doesn't work properly.

The audio comes from the phone and not the screen you are casting to , also the video and audio are out of sync. Normally when you Miracast the audio and video are out of sync on the phone but they are in sync on the screen you are casting to so it's sort of backwoods.

Are the developers aware of this problem and will there be a fix when it's finally released to the masses

PS I hope that they are, Miracast is what interested me in Asus phones in the first place and I hope I'm not the only one that likes this feature. There are not many companies that supports Miracast function anymore.

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