Regarding the motherboard Issue

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Guys i have faced the issue same as you all . It would be better if we could let them know how exactly did we get across this restart issue . I have faced this issue twice and shall be opting for replacement god forbidden i don't get a defected mobile again .

  1. The first time it happened when i was playing pubg for about 10-15 mins on highest settings . The phone had become really hot and all of a sudden it blacked out and went into reboot cycle . It went on like that for a few mins unless it cooled down and then started to behave normally .
  2. To recreate the issue just to be sure , i ran the antutu benchmark test and midway during 3d test it again blacked out and the behaviour continued .

In both these cases the phone had heated up and the temperature using normal temperature software showed upwards of 42 degrees in battery . I was already facing temperature issues while operating the camera and even during normal 4g usage . The phone is just 3 days old bought via flipkart and updated to firmware 191 .

I would like others to share their stories and also insist people who haven't faced such issues run the benchmark test to check what temperature it reaches and does it start performing erratically . This will help others identify if they have also received a damaged product .

# I don't wanna try the antutu benchmark again as i fear it may harm the phone more and make it impossible to return

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