Date range for US release?

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I can't wait to get my hands on a white 12gb/256 model. Would love the Ultimate but won't wait another two months for it.


  • I hope this doesn't turn out like the last launches. Dangle it in your face and then force you to wait 3 months to buy it. Like last year with the ROG P 3 I will move on to another device if this is the case.

  • I actually wouldn't mind if they make us wait, but that's assuming that they're going to iron out some post-launch problems.

    Personally, I hope that the US launch will have the ROG Phone 5 Pro available in Storm White color. I prefer Storm White over Phantom Black but don't want to pay any more for the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate (I don't need the extra RAM or the accessories that come with it). Pro and Ultimate essentially has the same chassis but different color from what I see.

  • New month, same question.

  • Because unlike you I want this phone and will buy it as is right now. Not a difficult concept.

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    Asus releases for US market is almost always delayed

    I expect them to announce it "soon" though

    Zenfone availability worldwide is not confirmed at times but rog comes sooner or later lol

    In India sales first sale is on April 15 (it's among their top 3 markets hence the quicker launch imo)

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