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Shivam DahiyaShivam Dahiya Level 3
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Can someone help me with my DNS problem , it was working fine just before 2 days and now it's not working at all. I've been using it for 15 days no problem at all but all of a sudden even after restarting the phone several times it's just not working all of a sudden . Please help me AsAP. Thankyou


  • VampVamp Level 3
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    Hi go to: settings > Network & Internet > Private DNS

    If it's in automatic try turning it off and the issue is still not resolved you can seach for the DNS if the service provider on the Google and set it manually there.

    If that didn't work then you can try resetting the network by following the steps: Settings > System > Reset Options > Reset Wifi, Mobile & Bluetooth

  • I've already reset it twice , also I want it to work manually but it's just not responding even after I've set it manually. Anyways thankyou will try my luck nothing else can be done .

  • Hi Shivam,

    Can you share a screenshot/video and on what software version your phone is on.

    Please check with an alternate Data/Wifi settings.

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