Any news on ROG 2 updates?



  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    I did reply to your post, but I am not retyping again.

    But to answer your questions, have a look at forum guidelines and regulations:

    Ensure you read: Chapter 7: Other Provisions

    It states: "This forum is specially for discussions of technical problems. For service related problems, please contact local service centers."

  • They spelt "instances" wrong in the update info hahaha

  • Still waiting 😆😆😆😆

  • YuranYuran Level 2

    Hello guys. Any news on the lag/stutter issue? Phone starts to lag after a couple of houra of normal usage, fps drops even on the UI, navigating the phone options also lags, fps drop is noticeable.

    Any updates?


  • VampVamp Level 3

    My phone does not lag with normal usages before so and same thing with this update so deselecting application in auto-start manager will help.

    If it doesn't work then resetting the device might help.

  • YuranYuran Level 2

    Hello Vamp. Do me a favour, put your phone on 90hz refresh rate and go to and / or and let me know the fps results please.


  • YuranYuran Level 2

    Thanks guys, they seem ok. Lets do the following, Can you please test again later today and post again? One thing in mind, no reboots in between the tests please. I ask this, because when my phone starts to lag, only a reboot seems to fix it temporarily. I have done all sorts of troubleshooting, hard reset, auto start apps, etc phone just lags, fps drops a lot. Lets wait and see your results later today, without reboots please. Thank you!

  • FreddetjFreddetj Level 1

    I just checked No matter if I set the phone to 60, 90 or 120 the site reported back 60! Strange cause in menus etc i could see the smoothness increase as it should on 90 and 120.

    Rebooted and the website now reports correct values again... Will try later again to see if it goes back to showing only 60. showed the same behavior just to confirm with another tool/site.

  • YuranYuran Level 2

    Exactly! And when this happens (vsyntester showing you less fps than your phone screen refresh rate, don't you notice your phone lagging, fps dropping simply by navigating through the UI?

  • YuranYuran Level 2

    thanks Vamp. Try again tomorrow on both and, no reboots in between please. Thank you 😀

  • VampVamp Level 3

    Hi, I'm not attaching ss again but still my fps was slightly above 90 and system up time was 147hr.

    Sorry mate but there is something running in the background which is interrupting your user experience.

    Please look into your cpu usage in armoury crate Console, with everything else cleared from the recent.

    If your CPU usage after 1-2 seconds does not go to 826MHz and stay stable at 826MHz without you touching anything, it will confirm that there is something in the background which is consuming CPU.

    Also please check the temp, GPU usage and the ram with first after the restart and second time when your system starts lagging.

  • YuranYuran Level 2

    Hello Vamp. Thank you for coming back to me. Well i resetted the phone a couple of days ago and did not install anything, phone at the moment only has the preloaded apps. I am just using it for some internet browser surfing and thats it. Phone is already starting to lag, to drop fps. I have tried Android 9 for a month and this never happened, phone was fast and snappy. I have the 12GB / 1 TB storage. The phone lags, drops fps, horrible experience at any refresh rate.

    Do not know what to do. Maybe send it out to warranty?


  • VampVamp Level 3

    If your device is currently in warrenty so I would suggest to reach out to the service center otherwise don't bother sending to service center and hope that Asus address the issue of yours or some custom rom gets better than Asus' current software.

  • FreddetjFreddetj Level 1
    edited April 1

    I can confirm that after the latest update I also share the problems that Yuran has.

    After one day without rebooting the fps starts going bananas. With 120 set i start getting lag and stutters. Checked and it says 60! If i just turn the screen off and on it will show the correct 120. BUT if you just scroll a little bit or pull down the notification bar the fps dips dramatically! Look at these screenshots first taken with 120 set and second with 90 set:

    This is not how it was before latest update and the lagging makes scrolling while browsing feel like my old iPhone 3gs... Reboot and all goes back to normal for about a day.

    This is pure software bug. Hardware doesn't magically break from laying in bed and pressing the update button...


  • FreddetjFreddetj Level 1

    Update on the fps problem.

    By force closing my browsers (tried two with the same behavior) it sort of "releases" itself and the smoothness returns instantly. So it seems like my browsers are somehow not working as well with the new update as it did before. Doesn't show any memory hogging etc, so hard to debug on the user end...

    For now I can live with just killing and restarting the browser instead of having to reboot the phone. Something a little strange is going on either way...

  • YuranYuran Level 2

    Thanks for the input guys! Well I have been experiencing this issue since the 1st version of Android 10. On Android 9 it never happened so yeah this is clearly a software bug and Asus refuses to acknowledge.

  • anjubunny123anjubunny123 Level 3
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    Well I have experienced these stutter ,the same way your facing

    I highly recommend you to install microsoft launcher

    Microsoft launcher literrally has 0 lag and stutter

    My phone feels so silky smooth and app opening animations are so smooth too

    Even phone never feels hot

    Phone thermals have gone down after I have installed Microsoft launcher ,phone stays so cool compared to asus launcher except in gaming .

    Browser scrolling is just so smooth and fantastic in the microsoft launcher

    Microsoft did a great job optimising their launcher for every android

    I'm so happy after installing the microsoft launcher ,my phone stays cool ,display scrolling is silky smooth ,launcher interface is just fantastic

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