Colorbanding defeated



  • @Danishblunt Can you please DM me for instruction how?? Thank you.

  • Jesp.rJesp.r Level 2

    I can't understand why there is no mod write on this topic .. they should inform the development team of this good result and apply this solution in future updates!

  • Where is that proof thread of yours? I'm actually waiting for it.

  • I hope asus can release this kernel, it would be better than rog 5 cause I heard s888 overheats alot, s865 on rog 3 is better cause tsmc built is more stable.

    I have global version still under warranty so can't really flash mine yet...

  • Kernel Update:

    Bugs fixed:

    1) When the display would go into low power mode that it would act up a bit!

    2) Flashing dots light after Screen Off fixed and completely gone.

    @Danishblunt thanks for PM me mate, you made this beast very beautiful now.

  • Its not about stability.

    The SD 888 runs at a higher TDP which causes more heat, the Rog5 doesnt have a cooling system which can handle the heat so it starts to throttle and have quite unstable FPS. To my knowledge only the nubia 6 can actually handle the SD 888 reliably.

    But I have to agree, the SD 865+ is in every single way superior. It finds the absolute perfect balance between efficiency and performance, while the SD 888 has better performance on the GPU but the powerdraw makes the battery time quite bad.

  • that rog 5 tottaly fiasco

    as for rog 3 i use this app for screen calibration

  • The app doesnt fix color banding. If it did people would use it to fix the screen.

  • My bad ...I thought that was freak's07 work ....but he cleared everything to me ... {His update and yours update (black cush improvement) was almost at the same time so I was confused}

    Sorry for the inconvenience ...

    And appreciate your efforts and time for making this community healthy...

    Wish I can delete that comment.

    Keep up the good work..

    Is there any way I can support your work???

  • @Danishblunt hey bro great works. I am so interested in your fix and can't wait to try it. Could you kindly DM me and share how to install the fix? My device is unlocked and I don't need to care about the warranty.

  • Please to all who have the kernel, can I ask for it please. My phone is already unlocked and flashed from CN to global. DM me please.. Thank you..

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