Need recommendation for selfie stick / monopod

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Hi guys,

I have Zenfone 7 pro and Huawei CF15 selfi stick +


The only part of Zenfone 7, which can be held by any selfie stick is the right part, because in the center of the mobile we have three buttons on the one side.

If I put phone in a monopod in a that way, you can see issue with the level, phone "falls" to the left side.

I understand that Zenfone 7 pro has the best possible selfie camer ever, but selfie stick is good, because I can't hold heavy Zenfone on outstretched arm.

Regular photo tripod solve this level issue, but this is not a solution, I can't take big tripod everywhere.

Could you please recommend portable selfie stick or monopod, in which I can put my mobile without breaking the horizon level?


  • Ok, solution found - adhesive tape + superglue to lock moving parts of selfie stick 😂

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