Zenfone 6 availability in France

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I want to get the Black 128 GB variant of the Zenfone 6. But it has been out of stock for several weeks now, with several other variants. The store just says "coming soon".

Can you tell me when it's gonna be available again on the french Asus e-shop please. "Soon" is not an answer. ?


  • You can buy it at Fnac, you only should have to wait like 2 days.
  • The Silver version is still unavailable with this retailer since the beginning ...
  •  the Czech Republic I waited for him 6 weeks before
      it could be bought.
  • French retailers Fnac and Darty (same group in fact) indicate now to have the Silver 6/128GB.
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    Thanks guys. But I only want the black one. Fnac and Darty sell it, you're right.

     But they don't sell it themselves, it's from their market place. The "partner sellers" are all from China. So if anything goes wrong with the phone I'll have to send it back all the way to China to get it fixed, since Asus Europe won't deal with it if it's bought from China (I've read someone complaining about that on XDA develloper forum). 
    Plus I don't know what version they would send me (A, B or C). They don't have all the same frequency bands. In France I need the A version. But they could send me the asian version.

    Even if Darty or Fanc would sell it themselves, I still prefer to buy it directly from Asus. I could talk and send it back directly to them in case of problem. Whereas Fnac and Darty could keep me waiting longer. Or their customer care could be worse than Asus'. I don't really trust third party sellers for such an expensive product. Maybe I'm too paranoid. :)

    But the good news is that Asus adressed the supply issu mid august. They said it was being resolved. So I guess it's gonna be in store within a few weeks. I can wait. I guess. :D
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    In fact, I prefer drop my phone in a physical retailer such as the FnacDarty group in the case of a repair instead of sending it myself with a risk of extra cost. ?‍♂️
    But in Lyon for ex., the black version was visible in-store ! But for 2 weeks only ...
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    They finally have it (black 128GB) in stock today the 6th of september! Darty and Amazon have the silver one.

    So I finally ordered it! ?
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