Latest camera update for super night mode.

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Hi All,
I have heard that z6 will be getting an latest camera update for super night mode on ultra wide angle camera. 
Can you guys let me knwo will this update be available for Indian z6 phones or not. When we can expect the roll out for the indian user as i am yet to recieve the update.



  • Hi Rahul, the OTA can take days between different regions but you can always manually search a couple of times and if your phone can't find it, then you may download it from here and update manually
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    I downloaded and installed the update from the link above but still am unable to find the super night mode in my camera.
  • i guess its only night mode and not super night mode. 
  • the new oppo reno2z has a ultra dark mode. Its results are really good, can we except something like that for asus 6z

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