Witness the evolution of ROG Phone on March 10th!

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The wait is over.

Witness the evolution of ROG Phone, on March 10th.

More info coming soon.



  • Looking forward to what's in store for us. So far, the rumors about this phone is very promising.

    I'm hoping and expecting:

    1. Powerful dual front facing stereo speakers
    2. Hi-Res 3.5mm headphone jack
    3. VoLTE and full network band support for carriers in North America
    4. High refresh rate display and good cooling
    5. More games will be supported for high refresh rate

    Hopefully there will also be a version of the phone that features the Snapdragon 888+ as well since that's around the timeframe I plan on getting a new phone. And maybe by then, some of the games I play will finally be listed as supporting above 60fps on the ROG Phone this time around.

  • Hey hello..i am searching my issue throughout the Google but i didn't found any answer..so i end up here ...my issue is with my ROG 3🥺 ..my right trigger is acting wierd..it stimulates even I didn't touch it, and if i toch back of my phone it stimulates 😭😭.... it's so annoying 😤...and i cant play with this😞.....i tried a recovery boot method but it didnt work😰...pls help me bro🥺.....i had dreams of this phone😫... brought it after saving a year pkt money 💵 pls help...........pls 👉🏻👈🏻🥺... @Gustav_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Kiko

  • Wrong thread. This is about the ROG Phone 5 and not the ROG Phone 3.

    If you're having problems with your device then consider posting on this link: https://zentalk.asus.com/en/categories/rog3-ww

    A moderator or maybe even another user might be able to help you there.

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    10th March the offcial lunch right .. does that mean they start selling the phone .?? Sorry I'm stupid that why im asking it ,for those hater rog 5 dont answers this question ok cause you can just close this page thanks . . cause I'm dying to test the phone . . Will they start selling on offcial seller asus ??

  • I think yes they'll start selling the phone on the same day

    Atleast in India Rog 5 is scheduled to launch on March 10 on the day of the event itself

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    @Nya More information will be shared on March 10th, so be sure to tune in to the launch event!

  • If you call that an evolution...... May god correct you......

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    Rog 5 is better value than oneplus 9 base which launched at 50k in India

  • Considering durability problems, inferior camera to the point where comparing those 2 would be a joke, worse software support and worse display on the rog5, I would question your statement.

    In terms of value the OP9 gives most users more than the Rog5 does, since the Rog5's shtick is to be a gaming phone, which it's terrible at due to throttling.... while most users want to have a great viewing experience, good camera, software support and so on.

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