Rog 5 has failed Jerry's durability test



  • Yes you don't carry ipads in your pockets yes but still not a valid reason for such an expensive device but again apple has had the same issue on many of its iphones too beginning from the 6

    But it failed his test that's the end point

  • okay so i got some time to watch the video, and that snapped super easily, knowing how much force JRE can put into bending phones, that antenna point is definitely a super, SUPER weak crumple zone that will result in phones bending, and breaking

    even if the touchscreen gets a slight bend in it, it can totally destroy the rest of the touch input and render the phone an expensive brick

    is it too early to take bets on whether or not the rog 6 will come out this year?

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    The oneplus 7T didnt break.

    Also don't compare ipads to phones.

    @botboy444 Pretty much, I havent seen a fragile phone like that since the HTC one M9

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    Regarding blackshark, ofc its not breaking..

    They designed its battery on left and right side, then cpu on middle, so its battery still help to made it strong if it bend like zack did, even with those antenna lines..

    And dont forget, blackshark 3's frame is such a big brick up to backside of the phone..Only middle part of backside is glass..

    Meanwhile rog 5 design is battery on upper and bottom side, cpu on middle, all glass back..

    Ofc its breaking when bended like that, plus those antenna lines made its frame weaker..

    I agree its design flaw..

    But i'm confused too, maybe its already best internal design for rog phone, for now..

    If its following blackshark, then we cant have side port because it will collide with battery..

    I think maybe for next rog phone is try to make its frame composite more solid, like iphone did with their 6s iirc..Or make its back design like blackshark, spread its frame to backside..

  • I see comments here in the forums where people claim that it's not a big problem. Nobody bends a phone like that they say, no problems if you be careful they say. As a person who does the occiasional repair and under those customers being quite a bit of iphone 6 and 7 users I know that this bending issue is quite a problem.

    If you watch the video carefully you'll notice that the Rog5 has 2 weekpoints on the bendtest, 1 being the antenna and the other being at the type C port. Also due to the bendtest we can see that the display itself will die before you see cracks on the actual glass, which means we will have cases where the actual display will be broken without the glass having as much as a scratch.

    Now the main argument is, nobody bends their phone like that, which is mostly true but the bendtest itself makes a ton of sense but instead of writing a long ass text, i'll simply post a video explaining it:

    Now I linked the video at 7:40 so you can exacly see why the bendtest makes sense.

    So we all saw jerryrig's video about the Rog5 and how easily it broke and where it broke. But how does the internals of the phone look? Well....

    As we can see based on jerrys video and the internal design we can easily conclude that the thing that will be exposed to the bending the most is the PCB of the phone.. Now what does that have to do with the Iphone's? Well the problem with the Phones I mentioned are that the PCB of the phone bends, so that the TouchIC (iphone 6) and the Audio IC (Iphone 7) will eventually simply break off the PCB... See the issue here? Remember where the Rog5 bends? Exacly at the position of the PCB, meaning the PCB is going to be exposed the most when the phone gets bend by normally using it. I predict that the Rog5 will have similair issues to the Iphones, where a certain chip or chips are going to slowly get ripped of the board and cause catatrophic issues and we will probably have, much like the Iphone community has some bendgate deniers.

    I hope you understand why the Rog 5 is currently in a rather painful state.

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    The thing is, I am not denying that this is a bad design (I know you didnt mention that). It can be better.

    It is pretty much the same thing with other ways of breaking a phone and this is such as rain while you are on the phone while outside. High humidity or anywhere wet can cause problems.

    Yes, it is not the same as breaking a phone in half, but it still causes damage.

    Personally, I wouldnt normally put my phone in jeans pocket as for one it is too big. The 2nd is the dirt that gathers overtime. Sitting on phone, well I dont know what that is classed as.

    The other way i can see this phone will break is by fustrating gamers.

    Perhaps, there might be an accessory for "hardcore" gamers with proper back support? We shall see!

    I think I will be able to live with this phone without breaking it. As correctly mentioned by others, dependant on usage I guess. Maybe you are right, I could be potentially underestimating that weak point.

  • @ronald1985

    As louis has mentioned in the video (if you havent watched i strongly recommend doing so), it's not even limited to wearing it in your jeans, something as simple as putting your phone on a desk where your camera bump or an object is in the way already causes the phone to bend, altho not enough for your eye to notice, this back and forth causes the chips to break off from the PCB at some point. I have had customers who brought their Iphone to me telling me that their phone never got dropped, saw a pocket or ever left their cover, yet it still broke.

    What you don't understand is how extreme this case actually is on the Rog5. It's a gaming phone. Do you understand the implication here? How do you hold your Phone when playing games? Exacly, you're applying pressure with your fingers to play the game while bending the phone numerous times while the PCB has to tank it. The RMA rate on the Rog5 is going to be absurd, the phone will not last long and i suspect its going to be as disastrous as the Razer Phone 2.

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    Hey, how can you see my post when it isnt approved o.O

    I know what you are saying and yes I have seen the video. With regards to that though, that's just normal for everything else though. Not neccessary to a phone and certainly not just to Asus. That is what my simple brain is saying.

    I agree on the last part of your post, that damage can be done while gaming and can be done quicker if the gamer is angrier. Afterall, we are talking about the ROG 5.

  • You're not understanding, it has nothing to do if you're angry or not. Normal usage is bending the phone, while on phones like rog2/rog3 you won't bend it. It's not a damage can happen, it's a damage will be happen, it's not a question if it will but when. If you look at the Rog3, jerry tried his best bending it, you need quite some force to bend the phone, but the rog5 will bend much much easier, even when you're playing your games normally, you will bend the phone, your eyes won't notice and it's certanly not much, but the phone will slowly chip at those solderjoints. This is also why you see Iphone 6 and Iphone 7's dying without being bend but the touch and audio IC will have cracked solderjoints.

  • Don't put it it in your back pocket. Problem solved.

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    I mean even if you do how are you not going to notice a 6.7 inch 240gm phone sticking out of your pocket and sit on it "unknowingly"

    Just a thing to think on lol

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    Doesn't has a simple rubber in sim tray. Unbelievable.

  • ROG skipped number 4 because they were supersitious about death, but then number 5 died anyway" .

    For ROG 5 user, be careful when keeping your phone in pocket.

    But of course, I heard that ROG 6 will come out next year, or in Q3 2021.

    The Customers are really like being guinea pigs.

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    Well, a beefy case will protect the phone from bending :)

    I think Asus should make one whereby have camera in landscape mode, for those who like live streaming.

    Do not know if it is possible, how about a way to have joysticks accessory?

  • Last year model software issue and this year model hardware issues next year model will have all the issues. Asus is making good progress

  • Asus never again! And that's the bottom line, cuz Stone Cold said so!

  • Even tho u're irrationally toxic that did make me chuckle.

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