[5z] Justice to flagship, Atleast zenui 7 top of Android 10 OR Android 11 top of zenui 6



  • Please ASUS, keep considering android 11 for this device.

  • ZS620KL has no subsequent update plan.

  • Time will definetly tell also no regrets if it doesnt A10 is much stable now😜

    Also after looking at user feedbacks from A11 of 6z there are few very user friendly options which are removed over A10 and hence device owners are complaining about that when they have updated so lets see and even now i am bit afraid to update 5z to A11.

    But yes let me tell you ZENUI 7 on top of A10 is always welcomed for 5z.😉

  • No matter whats we all says about asus it all felt on deaf ears because it never responded about there future updates regarding there flagship phones or mod range phone if we compare other companies are give really good update to there mid range phones to boost market but asus has lost it all all the trust all the hard work it's all gone no matter how much we all say about asus and give suggestions nothing will happen It all fall on deaf ears so .. just keep you phone running as long as u can that all its a end of asus now ..

  • All the users of 5z have been waiting for either A11 or Zenui7. Please give a thought about it and do the needful.

  • We r asking for A11 or ZenUI7, n here asus isn't even providing security updates, last update was on 2nd December 2020.

  • Software support for 5z is EOL (end of life) now there might be one or two updates but expect them to drop anytime without a time frame and it will be a security patch anyways

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    It’s been a long time since I’ve come to see if the banana has frequency conversion. It’s really a group of brainless struggles to play a new system and buy a new mobile phone and keep holding it back to upgrade. Become a banana

  • @bal.amandeep lets hope for the best 🤞

    @prakashchowdaryveganti511 yes i agree with you after seeing so much of users demand for Android 11/ZENUI 7 on top of Android 10 itself and also as a trending thread on forum & skipping Zenfone 7/7pro in larger market like india where 5z users are more satisfied and happy with the product which is still selling with limited stocks. & so 5z is still the latest in markets like india where no zenfone 7 exists. i may even say sales are more than 6z which has very less complains and problems with 5z hardware ASUS should definetly continue its support for one last time atleast Android 11/ ZenUI 7 for 5z. As 5z was a masterpiece & most beloved smartphone from ASUS till date. I hope they will do the needful for 5z users.

    @sidarya31 probably it was because of ROG 5 launch, chinese new year & all latest models Android 11 beta testing... And due to all this 5z firmware update was delayed. Dont worry there is possibility of next patch to be on time.


  • Hi All,

    Thanks Guys for your emmense response on this thread. lets keep this thread always active and make this change happen from Asus for older models.

    As these days we all know Market is flooded with other brands announcing support for 3 years now

    Recently brands having 3 or more than 3 year UPDATE support are :-

    LG (3 YEARS)





    XAOMI, OPPO, VIVO, REALMI (2 Years major OS but 4 years UI updates)

    Now its time for ASUS this year to break the boundaries almost all brands are in league of 3 year support.

    We are still in a good hope please dont dissapoint us,As we own a Zenfone 5z as a FALGSHIP. @Anders_ASUS @Christine_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Mister @Falcon_ASUS @Kris_ASUS @Laura_ASUS @DrAlex_ASUS @Olivier_ASUS @Dominik_ASUS @victor0_ASUS

    As stable release for Zenfone 6,7/7pro is released now its time for ZENFONE 5Z.

    Its really very kind request you MODS please you should go through this thread and read all user comments we are still in a Good hope.

    I wish someone is listening to us. 🙂



  • Asus is junk when it comes to software department, though their hardware is awesome.

  • Vote4VoLTE for Zenfone5Z in Germany - you can implement it in Android 10 or 11😉 🙏

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    Plus one. I hope a new and bugless (nearly at least) firmware of Android 11 with ZenUI 7 released in some months.

    Many manufactories promise to their customers about 3 years of firmware maintaining, if Asus really cares about their "power users" , they have better to catch the steps of other companies.

    Though Android 11 removes some features which are available on Android 10, in my opinion, there are some reasons to remove them, not just for cost down. Obviously Android 11 has lots of improvement from Android 10, it's not able to be achieved only with ZenUI 7 on Android 10.

    Again, 5z is worth of Android 11 with ZenUI 7.

  • It is indeed a mandate for Asus_India to Roll out Android 11 update to 5z.

    Flagship device must retain its flagship status. 5z was launched on Oreo and only two software updates have been provided yet.

    Considering the present market trend, even the low cost phones are coming with Android 11. So it becomes inevitable for Asus to maintain the 5z status and roll one A11 upgrade.

    Do note that i personally am not a stock ROM user, but i am keeping a very close eye on upcoming flip camera Asus 8 series. 5z was my 4th Asus device. So being a returning customer, i feel the quote mist be addressed.

    Cheers. Stay safe everyone.

  • Asus if you want to be a relevant player in Indian market:

    Provide Android 11 Update for 5z ....

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