If my phone gets stolen then?

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In current situation If my phone get stolen the thief can directly switch off the phone without putting any password so it will be very easy for him to turn off the phone, not like Samsung where without password you can't switch off the phone or you can't turn off any settings in notification like GPS setting or data settings this way it gets easier for the owner to trace the phone immediately. Please add this feature where without putting password phone cannot be switch off and after limited attempts the pictures should click the pictures or make videos with front cam and gps turns on automatically for precise location with turning off the silent mode to loud mode automatically after few wrong unlocking attempts.


  • This lock for turn off feature already there in forum(from 2019) but developers didn't even respond, the very most useful feature, even more useful than that shi*ty LOCKDOWN mode.

  • The thief will immediately return it to you after noticing that its a Asus device 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    This is not standard Android behavior and to my knowledge, SAMSUNG is the only well known manufacturer with this feature. But it's false security because any thief that has stolen more than a couple of phones knows how to bypass the password. All they need to do is to ask google and the information is right there. Or, they could just take the SIM out. This is why no other manufacturer has bothered because the only thing we will succeed in doing, is to increase our support from users who can't turn their phone off.

    I will close this thread because there's no point discussing this any further.

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