Will the North America version of ROG Phone 5 feature 5G mmWave?

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From what I heard, the ROG Phone 5 does not feature 5G mmWave probably because countries outside of the United States don't feature it.

I think it would be great for ASUS to work with carriers in the United States such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T to try to get the ROG Phone 5 to work with as many network bands possible in North America. Just like VoLTE, the lack of full 5G compatibility are basic phone features that ASUS is overlooking once again.

Phones usually have different regional variants to better fit the different network types in different countries (e.g. GSM and/or CDMA compatibility) so I'm hoping that the North American version of the ROG Phone 5 will also be compatible with mmWave. Otherwise, it would seem like the ROG Phone 5 will become obsolete very fast.


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    From what I see in the specs, there is no 5G bands n260, n261 and no mm wave.

    Why? I don't know in particular at this price point. The modem in the 888 chipset can do these bands as well yet they are being left out.

    Asus along with some other brands have a bad habit of hampering their devices while touting nonsensical "upgrades" or gimmicks they come out with.

    Go look at all the variants they're coming out with, there's just no need for all of this. The money they spent creating all these variants could have just gone to networking and making sure one device worked everywhere.

    I'm still waiting to see if VoLTE and VoWifi is going to work, as usual Asus is as mute as Helen Keller. I'm not buying another Asus until I know things work.

  • There are actually 8 versions

    Version A, B, D, E for US

    Version C, F, G, H for Asia

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    And none of which that I see have 5G bands n260, n261 or no mm wave even though the 888 modem can. At this price point, it should have all the bands turned on and working.

  • That's beside the point. None of those versions have bands that support 5G mmWave in it even though the Snapdragon 888 is capable of doing so.

    Yeah, having those bands are important especially for the price point. The target audience for these phones are power users who look into these things and ASUS should be careful not to exclude basic phone features. ASUS does all of these cool gaming gimmicks but forget to add actual phone features that are essential such as VoLTE in ROG Phone 2 at launch. Gaming is great but the ROG Phone 5 is first and foremost a phone before it is a gaming device.

    Hopefully there will be a version of the ROG Phone 5 featuring the Snapdragon 888+ down the line and maybe they will add mmWave in it.

  • You'd be hard pressed to find a location to use mmwave for more than a few feet outside of a sporting event or similar.

  • It's mostly for future proofing the device for when mmWave becomes commonly used.

    Also, I live in one of the densest cities in the United States which mmWave is meant to target. I get that it's not important for rural and suburban people but it's a great feature for people living in dense populated cities.

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