Rog 5 using samsung display?

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I found out rog 5 is using samsung display this time right? Is it same with rog 3? I currently use rog 3 and unhappy with this black crush problem want to upgrade.


  • Yes it has an samsung panel with specific calibration for display by samsung and pixel works for black crash and all

  • Yes it is a samsung HDR10+ display with true blacks

    Everything is HDR10+ on that phone

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    Rog3 also used a samsung display, saw 2 screenshots from the Rog5 which looked like black crush ._.

    I would strongly recommend waiting, as with the Rog3 black crush was first reported after some people had it, right now the device has been freshly released, however those 2 screenshots I saw actually piss me slightly off, not gonna lie.

  • Please do not spread wrong info, rog 3 is using display from Chinese vendor called tianma, not samsung. The rog 5 display is much brighter and the hdr will pop compare to rog 3 dull screen.

    I will check the rog 5 in store this weekend against my rog 3 to confirm this

  • Yes, it uses a new Samsung AMOLED display (6.78" 20.4:9) that has been custom-made for the ROG Phone 5. 🙂

  • Stop with the BS already. The tienma screen used in the Rog2 has no DC dimming and as far as I know no tienma screen supports it, yet the Rog3 does, unless you want to make a case Rog3 literally uses magic you're not getting anywhere.

    Also both the Rog5 and Rog3 screen are oversaturated and black crushed messes, I have literally no clue where you get the "dull" idea from. Just because it's a samsung panel doesn't mean it's going to be a perfect display. You would think people would have learned after one plus 8 pro's black crush issue similair to the Rog3 and guess what, Oneplus 8 Pro samsung panel . It has already been showed on another topic in the Rog3 forums that the Rog5 screen has crushed blacks and brightness levels aren't exacly great either, all we can hope for is that the Rog5 won't have bending issues which are also pleaguing the Rog3, but so far the display is quite dissapointing.

  • My main issue with ROG 3 is the display. Its just bad. Even without the black crush you get grainy colors. It's like the whole screen has a grainy overlay and it's pissing me off. It looks like digital noise from CMOS image sensor. WTF is that thing??? Yeah, it is visible only at low brightness but hey, are you gonna use full brightness at night just to have decent picture on your screen? Worst screen hands down.

  • Screen is absolutely nice. After it got fixed it's quite a looker. That being said this is Rog5 forum so lets keep it that way yeah?

  • That DEFINITELY sounds like a faulty screen you've got, but it is also worth noting the rog3 only has a 1080p screen, at full brightness things look fine on my device

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