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Hi, all

First, congrats to asus for their launch of rog phone 5..

So many ppl love it, including me..

I want to upgrade from my rog 3, but there is something that bugging me..

I bought rog 2 with its suitcase so happy when announced that some rog 2 acc is compatible with rog 3, n i bought it then sold my rog 2..

But now, since side port of rog 5 is different, i cant use my old acc, i.e twinview dock n mobile desktop dock, right?

Or there is something like converter so i still can use it with rog 5?

Its kinda sad if i stuck with rog 3 forever, because i often use twinview n desktop dock..



  • JakeoJakeo Level 1

    I would also like to know if we can still connect the ROG phone 5 to the mobile desktop dock. The phone still as available USB C ports so why wouldn't the mobile desktop work?

    Will the mobile desktop dock at least work for outputting to a display because I use my desktop dock a lot with my ROG phone 3 but as my ROG phone 3 recently got totalled I need a new phone but I don't want to lose functionality of my mobile desktop dock I JUST BOUGHT. It's the brand new desktop dock Asus released in 2020.

    It seems absurd to me that the desktop dock isn't compatible. Is there a specific reason? Isnt the professional dock just the same USB C to HDMI convertor tech anyway? So in theory the ROG phone 5 should output to display if connected to the mobile desktop dock ?

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