Rog phone 5 might have multiple variants with black/white/matte color options available this year

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One or more variant might possibly have additional triggers below as shown in the picture above

Aero active cooler seems to have additional physical buttons too


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    The specs we know so far are:

    6.78 inch OLED display (possibly 144hz again)

    6000 mah battery with 65 W charging

    Headphone jack with an high end ESS dac

    Secondary "Rog Vision" display which can be customised and an anime matrix like display on one model

    Possibly multiple variants 8/128, 12/512 , 16/512 , 18/512. (normal,pro,ultimate)

    Improved cooling

    Aero active cooler with new design and two physical buttons

    Better air triggers with possibly more on the bottom in some variant

    Better display sampling rate

    Possibly more new stuff we just have to wait for the launch tomorrow

  • Holy moly,my rog 3 already feels outdated,jk

    But I can't wait for the dramatic overdescriptive event tomorrow

  • Going by the last picture, they listened to rog phone 3 users and added the triggers to the back!!! That was a much complained requested feature!

    Looks cool tho, dunno how I feel about the triggers being on the back, that just seems uncomfortable

  • From what I can see on the renders, there are triggers on the side still, the USB C ports on the other side are seperate, the headphone jack is on the bottom right, the usbC is on the bottom left and maybe the 2 back triggers, are just *extra* triggers like R2/L2

  • Source for the video too plz? I wanna nitpick it :p

  • Okay so looking at some more renders, there's only 2 USB ports, the aero active cooler has its own connector (spring prongs?) And a passthrough hole for the USB C port on the phone, the little blue/red thing on the bottom *has* to be the simcard tray

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