Is anyone having issues getting your sms messages to show up in Link to myAsus

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Zenbook Pro Duo UX581LV



  • Hello Matt,

    What's is your phone model? iOS or Android system?

    What kind of issue is it? the message does not show? or can not response to the message?

    Thank you.

  • I was talking about the myAsus app on my laptop and not phone.

    Zenbook Pro Duo

  • Hello Matt,

    Yes I know, but Link to MyASUS is having different design for iOS and Android,

    and can you describe more about the "issue"?

    Thank you.

  • I have a samsung galaxy note 20 and was trying to get my messages on MyAsus to show up. Its only seeing my contacts and phone call list but don't allow me to send or receive messages.

  • Hello Matt,

    May I have your MyASUS APP and ASUS System Control Interface V2 driver version?

    You may enter the "Link to my asus" app on your phone, and check for "allow permission" again,

    to see if SMS part is granted.

    Thank you.

  • permissions on my phone are on my link to show text messages, my Control Interface V2 driver is V2.2.37.0 and APP version is

  • Hello Matt,

    May you unpair the device and re-pair it again?

    Or may you try another phone?

    Thank you.

  • tried the unpair and re-pair a few times already, don't have another phone to try.

  • Hello Matt,

    okay, because I don't have your phone model either.

    Other Android phone I have are working fine.

    Was there any firmware update on your phone before this issue occurred?

    I will consult more about your issue.

    Thank you.

  • I have a samsung note 20

  • Hello Matt,

    I know you are using samsung note 20,

    Was there any firmware update on your phone before this issue occurred?

    Thank you.

  • Yes, I keep my phone updated

  • Hello Matt,

    So when was the last update of your phone and the firmware version is?

    Thank you.

  • last update was 2 March, and were is firmware version located?

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    I'm unable to pair my phone, to the point I'm considering changing it, I have a Note10+. Problem is I'm to used to the note line. Have you been able to pair your note 20 to Link to MyAsus?

    Which model is it, note 20 or note 20 ultra?

    Do you have any more problems besides sms? Can you make and receive calls through Link to MyAsus app on the laptop? Was it easy to pair them?

  • note 20 ultra and I have no problem pairing and making calls, it just will not allow me to do SMS, but it see's everything else

  • Dear both,

    After asking help and tested on other Samsung phones (not the same model as yours), we found the similar issue.

    We were able to pair it, can see message coming, but not able to reply it.

    While other Android phones are working fine.

    The phones we tested also got firmware update in the beginning of March, so we are suspecting that it's related.

    Please kindly help to report this issue to Samsung as well.

    We will consult externally about it.

    Thank you.

  • Switch my Note10+ for a Note20Ultra 5G, yesterday. Tested it before the March update and the problem was the same no way to reply to sms. It was not the March update that brought the problem...

    Perhaps in a future update from Asus or Samsung this is sorted out.

    Anyway for me the problem, and I'm guessing, is with the integration that Samsung is doing with Microsoft, they apply, now, natively the Microsoft MyPhone app in Smasung phones... Check this page

    So, perhaps this conflicts with Link to MyAsus app...

    But, that's me... guessing ;)

  • Ive been using the Myphone app with no issues but seems weird I cant do the same for MyAsus.

  • That's why I mentioned it in my above post. With my Note10+ I was able to connect to Windows MyPhone app flawlessly, but it didn't ever connected to Link to MyAsus. Now with Note20Ultra I can connect to MyAsus, with some glitches but it's manageable.

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