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I have the Zenfone 5Z and the Zenfone 6 now I have the Zenfone 7; my question is this the Zenfone 6 has gotten the update to OS11 but not the Zenfone 7, what going on?


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    We are all told SOON and also told to be patient. Patients is not one of my strong points either. Now that the rog 5 is all but ready hopefully the powers that be will turn their attention to the zenfone 7

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    Official A11 is close. It had to be postponed because we found a bug that we needed to fix first but it should be released next month if everything goes well. We're grateful for your patience

  • Will you guys give us the option of using the main lens as the selfie cam in third party apps?

  • I think you'll find that is normal as the zenfone 6 obviously came out at least a year before the zenfone 7 so it makes sense that it would get A11 first.

    I don't know much about the development side but the zenfone 6 runs UI 6 which has been out long enough to get it running perfectly so I am assuming that it's easier to modify googles A11 for it as apossed to the new UI 7

  • The ZF7(P) has really caught my eye but unfortunately it hasn't been released in the US nor does it seem like it will be. But I have seen some listings on newegg (although very marked up) and amazon (more reasonable prices) and assuming the price will go down after a while I would really like to get it, but first I have some questions for those that own it:

    First, if anyone else in the US has managed to get it - how's the service? I checked and it seems like it works with no issues at all on t mobile and if I'm remembering right it it should work on verizon too.

    Second, and this is for anyone that has it, not just in the US - how's your experience with the phone? What do you like, what do you dislike, anything that surprised you about it?

    Third - what kinds of customization options and/or features does Asus include and offer with ZenUI? And while we're on the topic of software, how are they with updates?

    Lastly, the listings I saw looked like the base 7 is actually significantly cheaper than the pro - I personally don't care at all about the 865+ vs the normal one, the extra storage and ram is nice but 128/6 is perfectly fine, but my main concern is the OIS (or lack thereof). Does it make such a big difference that I should keep an eye on the pricing for the pro, in your opinion?

    Thanks for any help you guys are able to offer! It's between the zenfone and the xperia 5 ii for me, and although I am committed to the headphone jack, it's just so expensive.

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