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I know that it's very late in the game but if there is a chance to join the A 11 beta test and report program I would like to join.

I understand that I would have/need to report issues,if any daily and am quite prepared to do that.

I believe I can contribute as I am, connected, to my phone all day ,eg , I turn it off flight mode at 5.30 am weekdays and connect to my workhorse ( a 2019 Toyota HiAce multi media uniit) until about 6 pm then put in on flight mode again at about midnight. This is my working week.

During this period I use Bluetooth, android auto and occasionally,more so lately, when I am waiting for work I use the phones Miracast feature and kick back and watch a movie ( or part of) or play a game or three.

Not really sure how to make contact in regards to this so I am hoping that a mediator will pick this up and pass it on to the relevant parties.

Thanks RGDS Roy


  • Hi, I believe that official A11 is coming very soon so I'd guess that A11 beta program is "dead", I've been part of it and all of the threads are closed there (even though not all issues fixed) and no new appearing...

    but you never know, there seems to be another beta build waiting so they could include you :)

    @Anders_ASUS @Titan_ASUS

  • There's no point bringing in more users. There will be one more beta release and then official after that.

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