Rog phone 5 official launch event is on March 10

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not:
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.




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    Confirmed specs as of now:

    6.78 inch OLED display (144hz or higher)

    65 W charging support

    6000mah battery

    Customisable anime matrix on the back

    Triple camera setup (main is an 64mp sensor) probably imx 686 or something newer

    Smaller bezels (retains both front firing speakers)

  • The ROG Phone 5 should be good if it has dual front facing stereo speakers and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Qi wireless charging would be a nice bonus too. ASUS needs to remember that most of the people interested in the ROG brand are power users and many of us are audiophiles.

    Also, it would be wise to not integrate Tencent bloatware/spyware for the North American and International versions of the device. This has never been the case to my understanding but it should be mentioned just in case any funny ideas were made. It's always nice to be as close to stock Android as possible.


    Lastly and personally, it would've been very cool if the ROG x Gundam collaboration extended to the ROG Phone series. The collab between ASUS and Bandai on creating Gundam and Zaku themed PC components looked amazing and would've translated really well on phones. I would've loved to get a Gundam themed phone but that's just me. I just love Gundam and think that mecha anime aesthetically go hand in hand with cutting edge technology.

  • Audiophiles should not go for ASUS phones, literally most other high end phones are better. Headphone jack will not be included as per every phone (not a big loss). Dual front facing speakers is something included in phones from 2017, and yes they should do that. ASUS is partnering with Tencent for this phone, not sure why that is a problem imo.....Every phone has their own bloatware/software, just ignore the apps you dont want and pause them. If every phone was pure Android, we will end up in a iPhone situation, no new development. ASUS phone department has nothing to do with their PC hardware development. It would be a big stretch to see PC specifics added to their phone, unless money value added. Imo, I see them selling their phone assets to Tencent or some other company at some point. They have never really been serious about hardware and software updates on phone, unlike the PC hardware they make. Phones are about making quick money off flashy features, dig deeper and you see they're not actually trying very hard.

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    Nah other stereo phones have an weaker earpiece and an bottom secondary speaker in general stereo yes but they can't match two front firing stereo speakers and Rog has better amps and optimisation by Dirac for speakers (bass)

    Plus Rog 5 has an headphone jack with high end ESS dac (just like LG V flagships) so it'll be a perfect bit for audiophiles

    Rest of the spec as you know are top notch

    6000mah battery with 65 w charging,sd 888 etc

    And Tencent is meant for Chinese regions global models are a bit different

    1. ASUS ROG actually has one of the best front-facing stereo speaker if I recall so I don't see why audiophiles should avoid this compared to others. ASUS also received praise for having a headphone jack in the older iterations and criticized for lacking one in the current iteration. The reason that Apple gave for starting the trend of ditching the headphone jack was also dumb because Sony had phones that featured waterproofing, dual front facing stereo speakers, and a headphone jack earlier in the decade.
    2. Tencent is a big problem and there's a reason why I called it a spyware. Large mainland Chinese companies are controlled by the Chinese government and I wouldn't put it past them to take advantage of my data (I'm sure tech companies from America and other countries do this too but these companies aren't controlled by a communist regime at least). Tencent is also really infamous even among Chinese gamers and is even more hated than EA was during the "surprise mechanic" controversy according to a friend of mine from China (he might be exaggerating though).
    3. Having pure Android has nothing to do with future innovation. There's a reason why Google Nexus and Pixel phones were so beloved by many tech consumers: it's clean, simple, and highly customizable. Apple is stagnant because those who are into Apple products stick with Apple products so there's no real competition. Android phones can still compete with each other through hardware innovation and minimal software features without resorting to Tencent's spyware. Besides, all future Android innovations go through Google by the end of the day. 
    4. Yes, PC and phone development are separate but they are shared under the same ROG brand marketing which also include peripherals and apparel. The Gundam collab I mentioned is part of a marketing promotion and has nothing to do with sharing hardware components between PC and phones (they're mostly skins on top of existing hardware). The ROG Gundam collab even extended to tumblers and t-shirts. I'd get a Gundam themed phone the same way I'd get a game-specific special edition of a console just saying.
  • Actually waiting for the event to see the rumour come true of 3.5mm jack is going to back on rog 5

  • It's pretty much confirmed to have a headphone jack with ESS (high end) dac

    XDA and many other sources confirmed that jack is present

  • I am dam sure to be first in india to buy what about active AERO cooler will 3 works ?

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  • id be interested to see if it/other rog phone 2/3 accessories works with the rog 5 too, there definitely is at least one usbC port on the side, so maybe it'll have 2 like the rest of the rog series phones? but i don't know if the it'd fit the aesthetic of the new matrix dot design theyre going for

  • If u #ANTICHINA, please don't use Asus. that's really racist!

  • And let's do our best to keep political things out of the forums because it'll get messy fast, but I will agree that Tencent arent great

  • Agreed to it if product is good we need to go for it simple

    1. Ok, i can see it having headphone jack (stereo) as the phone is neither dust or water resistent. So why not.
    2. That's purely your opinion, and not relevent at all. Unless you have some sort of mysterious proof lol. Tencent is a global company, just like many American companies. Obviously if your a target/high ranking official, you wouldn't go with this phone. But every day game user, no problem.....again just speculation.
    3. Check out the list of updates for Android 12. Many Samsung only features have been added to it. We need other companies to inivate to push Google. One day it is considered bloatware, next day it becomes a Google update, just implimented by them. If we waited for Google ideas, we would have a boring phone.
    4. I agree and support any features they would add. Just don't expect the same quality of service and features from ASUS Phone as ASUS PC hardware....It's like night and day.

    I look forward to a great ASUS phone, and did with the ROG 3. But it was a let down imo. Perhaps Tencent money will produce an amazing ROG6?

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    Tencent money?

    Tencent models are only meant for Chinese region and there isn't any difference between global and Tencent leaving the band support and some slight design changes if there's any

    The R and D and everything is by Asus

    Tencent just slaps their branding on the back of the phone as an partnership in China

    CN rom has some optimisations and extra features there's that

    The partnership with Tencent means that rog phones can be priced lower in China

    CN and WW roms have different teams working on it.Global team works on WW.

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    Gentle reminder that Zentalk is not a forum for political discussions.

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    lol. u need to learn the history of taiwan ancestor.

  • Probably, but honestly i have no idea bout all of that being an australian and all lol

  • This has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. I have nothing against Chinese people (in fact, I am part Chinese and most of my friends are ethnically Chinese), but I do have problems with how the Chinese government runs things (which I'd rather not discuss since this isn't a platform for politics).

    But going back to the topic at hand (which relates to ASUS products), the difference between Taiwanese companies like ASUS and other companies located in mainland China is that ASUS isn't controlled or influenced by the Chinese government. Privacy is part of the reason people love Apple products and there was even a point when Apple denied the United States government their request to unlock encrypted iPhones. In contrast, companies located in mainland China are required to give up any and all data requested by the government or be tried with treason.

    I will continue to use ASUS products for as long as it remains an independent firm and autonomous to any form of government. Granted, I also wouldn't be surprised if ASUS does end up selling my data anyway but it's at least one less layer I have to worry about.

    I apologize if my post got a little too political. It's just that technology and communication devices has been highly politicized due to privacy concerns and abuse of consumer data. I just wanted to voice out my concerns about Tencent bloatware in ASUS devices (which does stay on topic since it pertains to software included in the device).

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