Buy the ROG 5

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If you don't already own a Rog 2 or 3,go directly to Rog 5

If you already have a Rog 3 then don't worry,you won't miss that much with Rog 5 in terms of gaming or performance so don't feel pressured on buying it (although you'll miss the the top notch and high end ESS Dac headphone jack)

But time will tell what kind of phone it is,or how good is its heat dissipation so keep your money in your pocket for a month at least and then choose either Rog 3 or 5


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    I am used many android devices for years until i last year i bought Rog 3 ans believe me it's like a dr*ug now I can't leave it 😜. I am personally a big fan of this phone now . So much smooth and 0 lag since i got it i have above 300 apps and 60 games 😂 and i love this beast.

    About Rog 5 it will be next powerhouse but for me Rog 3 is top notch and there is no app to slow it down yet 😁 if there will be Rog 6 or so i will definitely buy it .

  • As my post is targeted towards new users or people interested in buying a Rog phone, hopefully me and you we'll see more newcomers with Rog 5

    But I'll do another post comparing them both for people who want to buy one when the time comes

    Btw your description of the phone describes my experience perfectly,even tho I don't take full advantage of its storage since I have no time to enjoy everything 😅

  • Using rog 3 but I will upgrade only for 3.5mm jack , also I have Active cooler 3 , well will it support or active cooler 5 would be launched need to see

  • The screen quality is much better, I watch videos alot, tempting to upgrade, see if I can sell my rog 3...

    Also audio jack is nice, I'm always afraid I'll loose the audio dangle!

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