I have to admit, I love my ROG 3 16GB Modell, but...

Helo ;PuweYHelo ;PuweY Level 2
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...can it be, that if I would want to buy now one, I couldn't get one?

Was this model so fast sold out?

I can remember when I got my phone, there were no 16GB Models for sell anymore.. ( living in Germany )

Somehow I believe I'm the only one in Germany that even got one.

And since now ( the phone is half year old ) I can't find nowhere this device again to buy for a regular or default price.

Wasn't it made that often?

Were they sold out so fast? Was there any decision to not produce so much or more models?

i know the ROG 5 is comin' , but for me if I would like to buy the 16GB model now, I would have no chance anymore, is it true?

This product had for me the shortest sale time I have ever noticed.

Nothing against the ROG 3, but it's crazy how quick this phone was sold out and never came back again.

I would like to know why?


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