Better performance? Part 2

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Android system,System UI,Android OS and mobile network are all optimising the battery

What if I disable these optimisations? Will that lead to better performance in gaming?A more stable or powerful mobile data connection?or even better responsiveness?

I wouldn't mind sacrificing some battery life for more performance in gaming,faster internet,and a more responsive System

@Gustav_ASUS @ARP @Danish I suppose you can help me out?

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    Hi ,

    (According to my view)

    For Mobile network I don't think it's going to make any difference , as it's module of android system integrated with hardware so optimization or not it will work the same .

    System UI have nothing to do with gaming , but yes disabling optimization for UI ( May or may not ) prevent apps from shutting down at background (I know it mostly depends on R.A.M management but this is alternative way to shutdown app in background to save power ) .

    Android OS or System is just a middle man which interprete between games , kernel and hardware .

    Performance of games are dependent on storage speed ( Random RW Speed ) , Governor Settings , kernal and hardware .

    Coming to the point optimization enable or disable real doesn't matter when it comes to Android os or System either ways it's kernel who will bypass any restriction made by software and performance as it is meant to be .

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    I don't think it will have much of an impact to be honest, but feel free to try it out for yourself if you want! Battery optimization shouldn't hamstring performance to the point where you feel any noticeable drawbacks from having it enabled. Just remember to revert back if you run into any issues.

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