ZenFone Max Pro M1 Vodafone-Idea (VI) volte Issue



  • I don't say v84 work volte

    version 340 work volte in my phone

    Dear sir please read carefully

  • please seen this screenshot don't show Enhance 4g LTE Mode

  • Hi daleepdixit

    1. Which region do you reside while using VI card?

    2. If you use other sim carrier (e,g. Airtel), does the VoLTE work in your device?

    3. Have you ever rooted/unlocked/flashed custom rom?

    4. When did the issue appear?

    Hi tusharguin29

    I may need your logs for further checking. Please check your inbox and PM me back to avoid any personal information leaking.

  • My Vodafone Idea connection not working quality service same SIM card in redmi also working volte features

  • Hi kmkrishanu6

    1. Which region do you reside while using VI card?

    2. If you use other sim carrier (e,g. Airtel), does the VoLTE work in your device?

    3. Can your VI sim card perform VoLTE in other devices?

    4. Have you ever rooted/unlocked/flashed custom rom?

    5. When did the issue appear?

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    Hi tusharguin29

    After checking with the local team, we confirm that Vi card can perform VoLTE properly on ZB601KL with firmware version Android 9 V087. The local team had also tested the device nearby your location (at Jhorhat, Purba Bardhama, and Guwahati) and all device performed the VoLTE function well.

    Please reply me your personal information via PM for further repair arrangement. Thank you.

  • Dear sir why u can delete my reply

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    please provide Android 10 stable update date

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    Hi tusharguin29 

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  • please seen this screenshot below


  • Hi tusharguin29

    As I explained with you on 28th Jan on public thread and via PM, your issue is irrelevant with "weather Vi card supports VoLTE on Max Pro M1" because

    1. Vi card supports VoLTE on Max Pro M1 properly: All the other users on this thread and our local tech team can use Vi card with VoLTE flawless

    2. Abnormal parameter on your logs: We had found that your logs has abnormal parameters, which can only be repaired at the repair center

    If you want to repair your device, please let me know. I will contact with local team for further repair guiding. Thank you.

  • so please fix this abnormal parameters in next update

    because my area all asus ZENFONE MAX PRO m1 facing same problem. This is a software bugs

  • There is no problem with the device or software it just vodafone problem their volte implementation is so bad..... I once have the same issue and always blamed asus but then i found that the whole think is vodafone's fault. I even wasted 200 rs on sim cards. Here is my story.

    I newly purchased vodafone sim card then then my volte was not working so i contacted vodafone (call) they said that you device doesn't support VOLTE then i researched online and find out the vodafone page where the supported devices list is mentioned. Then again i called them this time they said we are transferring call to higher authority then she said just change the sim card, she also said it will be free at any vodafone store so i went to the vodafone mini store they said it will cost you 50rs . After calling CC in the store (the store representative and CC also talked to each other) they said you have to visit vodafone store not vodafone mini store to get the sim card for free. Anyway i changed the sim card still volte is not working and after several talks with Vodafone nothing worked. One day i emailed vodafone they said in order to use volte for first time you have to recharge with data pack so i recharged with 98 rs data pack which has no use because i have wifi in my home. Still nothing happened not even the V symbol came. Again after several mails they said sir this is the last time please change the sim card one more time . And check the sim with other devices so i did this time volte was working on other redmi devices but not in asus. Now they said you device doesn't support volte so i accepted it and lost hope and blamed asus in multiple forum. I saw many YouTube video and saw the volte is working still i thought it was asus fault.

    One day i inserted my father's vodafone sim then i saw VOLTE. I thought finally it was fixed then i wonder how i didn't install any new updates. Then i inserted my sim but the VOLTE was not working. This time i called and mailed and i was furious even i made a video and shared then only they fixed the volte. I dont know how the VOLTE appeared automatically after my complain. Then they called and said sir please check you VOLTE is working now.

  • I'll share my experience with Vi VOLTE and what response received from VI Store yesterday.

    For me VOLTE works fine in my home location (Anywhere in Chennai). But, whenever I move to other state and in Roaming, if any one call me then VOLTE will converts to 3G or 2G network or Sometimes caller will get response like my number is Switched off/Wrong Number/Not Reachable🤣🤣. Then I came to know any this type response and called to VI Customer care, they said everything is fine and I have to turnoff VOLTE and Turn it on again and check after 2 hours or insert SIM in other mobile(I clearly informed them that VOLTE works fine when in Home location but issue with Roaming). They simply said to change SIM card by visiting to the VI Store.

    I visited to store and when I try to tell about issue while in Roaming, the executive over there simply took mobile and turned off the VOLTE option by himself and said like this to me."Sir VI not yet released the fully VOLTE services in all over India, if you turn on then you have to face such issues and we are not aware yet by when the complete services are going to launch. So, wait till the services launced".

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    Hi tusharguin29

    Thank you for your reply. As I mentioned before, we had found that your logs has abnormal parameters, which can only be repaired at the repair center. If you still have the VI issue after checking other users' solutions and you would like to submit the device to the repair center for further repair, please let me know. Thank you.

  • RatanRatan Level 1

    Same problem for me, I used vodafone sim for long time but no volte option available. Idea and airtel have volte option. I tried to upgrade sim, change sim another vodafone sim but no change,no volte option.

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    Hi Ratan

    Thank you for your asking. Please contact your local carrier for APN settings. Do you face the issue to any specific area? If so, please mention the specific area name to the local carrier as well.

  • My Handset is Asus zenfone max pro M1.Vi VOLTE is not showing.pls this problem is solved next update

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    Hi [email protected]

    Thank you for your asking. Please note that several India users reports at Page 1 of the thread that VI VoLte performs properly in their device.

    1. If you encounter the issue after any system/app download or update, please try to enter "Safe Mode". If the function works well in Safe Mode yet the issue remains out of Safe Mode, please check any disturbance from installed 3rd party apps.

    # How to enter and exit "Safe Mode"


    2. If VI VoLTE never works before, please check with your local carrier for supported areas, sim card, and APN setting.

    VoLTE: Settings>Network & internet>Mobile network>turn on "VoLTE">Preferred network type>2G/3G/4G

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