17.0823.2012.131 Manual Update Link (126MB)



  • There is a use of voice commands to operate the camera, does the mobile support that?

  • I've installed this update , is there anyway I can install the full update instead of the small 125mb.one I installed. I want the full install if possible..I've downloaded from Asus put to internal storage but it won't load the update after restart

  • This is an english forum. If everyone just writes whatever language they want this forum would be unusable. If you want to help someone then tell them that this is an english forum and if you have to use other language then there is private message option.

  • @stutruman

    It won't recognize the full firmware size because you're already on 2012.131.

  • Does Asus Rog 3 support the use of voice commands?

  • @amr.mazn

    Yes but under google voice command, there's no proprietary like Bixby / Siri.

  • I mean voice commands to turn on the camera, take pictures, answer the phone, and so on

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