Why should you be beta tester?

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Don't take this topic to serious, it's meant as a joke and to lighten up the mood a bit since most topics are a toxic mess with tons of angry people being silly.

So why would you be the perfect beta teser?


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    Let me send some toxicity here 😂😂😂 my wired headphones is not working while it's unplugged :) please fix this issue or i need refund . JK

    Well i was beta testers for many devices and also my knowledge about android ecosystem , so maybe i think i can fit in and send some helpful information .

    Also explain your too , just curious .

  • To test blackcrush still exists or not.

  • To test performance in gaming and ram management (not that it's not the best in market already) Just saying

  • Testing something new.

    report bugs, problems, etc.

  • It's being excited for getting andriod 11 as we dono when will ASUS release stable version. Also we will come to know if they habe fixed Black crush and Red tint or not so that we can decide on continue holding or selling the device

  • Because i want to contribute and helping dev as much as i can..

    I won't be like those kind of ppl who always blaming, raging, mocking, etc in this forum and make it not condusive..

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