Battery drain and statistics weirdness

eddddedddd Level 2
edited March 2021 in ZenFone 7 Series

I noticed some weirdness in battery drain. It appears to constantly go down overnight while in energy save profile! Some more weirdness is that some apps are reported to use tons of battery, even though I use them for like 15 mins. So far only had this with sound-related apps like Frequency Generator and Roland Zenbeats. Zenbeats got reported to use a fifth of the battery with 0 minutes active and background usage. Frequency Generator with a third of battery with 15 mins active and 0 background. All this in the energy save profile. Right now I do not believe the battery usage statistics are even usable.

I don't want to know what will happen if I use performance mode. My phone will go up in flames by using all energy within 1 second? ASUS, fix the SW. Suggestions to reset the phones are also completely useless. This is the first phone I see such weird battery usage issues.

ASUS Support has been sadly useless so far. If it does not get better with an update within next month, I will return the phone for refund.


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