Rog Phone 3 - RGB back LED Aura lighting and sounds are not working for notifications

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

Model Name: ROG phone 3

Firmware Version: 17.0823.2012.131 Dec 2020

Rooted or not: not

Frequency of Occurrence: Intermittently after turning phone on, consistent overtime after phone is unnatended (locked)

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Chrome, WhatsApp for business, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, SMS, Twitter, etc. All latest versions

Hey there,

Similar to notifications don't work for aura light and also for sounds.

I did a factory reset and had a replacement (new phone), but the problem persists. 

The issue doesn't happen after a while, phone needs to be locked for a while.

I think something is killing the applications and/or notifications service as I've removed those apps from battery optimisation and disabled app hibernation as well. Further analysis suggests that when I try to call/send a message to whatsapp for example, the phone doesn't react until I move it, then I hear the notification sound, but no light, then I turn on the screen and turn it off by pressing the power button, the aura light works as it should be.

Summarising the phone doesn't work properly in several points: 

Aura light for notifications works intermittently. 

Notifications for apps don't work properly, I need to move the phone to make the notifications work. This happens after some time after turning on the phone, at the beginning this works, but then it stops. Followed troubleshooting steps from Asus website/Internet preventing from stopping/hibernate/optimising battery on the offending apps and didn't work either.

Please see the attached video.





  • I am sorry , i dont know about this issue but something is wrong with your case, did you but a new one or its out of your box coz mine and many of us are having a different case out of the box

  • Hi there, So I've bought the phone in December brand new and the case is the one that comes with the box. I've tested enough about this issue so I've opened a case with Asus, the recommended me to take the phone to the place of purchase. I've submitted the evidence and they've given me another new phone as they didn't know what is the root cause. Now with this other phone brand new as well, the issue is the same. Posted the feedback to Asus customer centre and they gave me the default response, i.e. take this to the place of purchase, so that's why I've posted the issue here as it's happening in two new phones, something is wrong with the software I believe (bug)


  • @Megalox Sorry to keep you waiting for a response!

    As I explained in the thread you linked to, this is (at least in part) caused by how Android classifies notifications. Some notifications (messages for example) will trigger the back LED immediately while others will not. What you can try to do is this:

    Find the app you want to receive notifications for -> Long-press app icon -> App info -> Notifications -> Click on the notification that you want to trigger the LED -> Make sure it's set to 'Alerting' -> Advanced -> Enable the 'Blink light' setting.

    You'll have to do this for every notification you want to trigger the LED. Also keep in mind that some apps will send the first notification as 'alerting' and the rest as 'silent', which won't trigger the LED.

  • Hi Gustav,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I had that setting already enabled; actually I believe that the issue is in the SW as I made sure that settings for notifications are pretty much set (navigated and went through many many forums to make sure that everything is set correctly) I even downloaded an app to check push notification every minute as the threshold is 5 minutes by default, but it didn't make much difference. So my conclusion is that I see that probably this could be also an Android thing that hopefully can be fixed sooner than later as it's important to keep that working as other phones (iPhone for example). I've realised that the issue is present in some other phone brands.

    I don't really have this problem with my previous phone, which is an Xperia with Android 6!

    But yeah, since I've got a brand new ROG phone 3 as a replacement from the previous one and the issue is still present, I can say that the problem is pretty much related to somewhere in the OS, Asus, etc.


  • @Megalox Thanks for your detailed response. If you have a couple of minutes, it would be helpful if you can give me a rundown of your applications and whether or not the back LED is triggered by their notifications. I'll check if there's anything else you can try to improve the hit rate.

  • @Gustav_ASUS Certainly, not a problem and thanks again for looking into this. Please note that the problem happens intermittently, most likely when the phone is idle for a long time then I test notifications. if the phone is active this doesn't happen. I've done tests with the following applications:




    WhatsApp for business

    FB Messenger


    Yahoo Mail




    Google Maps


    Google Play

    Phone Messages (SMS)

    (I'd say practically all of them, from which I've made sure that settings are high priority for notifications, excluded from hibernation, allowed to run in the background, prevented from having battery optimisation, etc, etc and etc. ) I'd also have to mention that I haven't got any app that is killing background applications, the only one I can mention here is the built in mobile administrator, but again I've excluded all offending apps from any remote option to kill them.

    I've also noticed that when I enable developer options and I go to the "Background check" option in other phones I can see a list of apps, whereas in ROG phone 3 I cannot see anything, i.e. it says 'No applications'

    I'd say that the only exception is with phone calls, whenever I test doing a phone call, the notification LED and Back light RGB work fine and as it should be, at least I'd say that for phone calls it's fine.

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