Storage Files app deleted



  • Do not factory reset it won't recover it. In A11 it is treated as if like an 3rd party app. I can able to access the files in internal as well as external storage and perform operations on it from storage--> files itself.

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    This happened to me as well. I'd characterise it as a bug, as this APK ought be to be system-app or at least a priv-app. Uninstalling it inadvertently will break any app that relies on the OPEN_DOCUMENT and OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE intents. Given A11's scoped storage, any app that writes to or reads from storage will broadcast those intents. If there are no apps installed on the phone that register those intents in their manifest file, the call can crash the app if the failure case is not handled elegantly.

    This only appears to be an issue for those that updated to A11 OTA. Performing a factory reset solves it.

  • This only appears to be an issue for those that updated to A11 OTA. Performing a factory reset solves it.

    It is highly unlikely that it would not be possible to use the OTA upgrade to Android 11 and that the upgrade to Android 11 would require a factory reset.

    Perhaps we will see the moderators start answering again here. One would expect them to be more active after a major upgrade to the A11, but unfortunately the opposite is true so far. But users cannot reply to everything themselves.



  • This only appears to be an issue for those that updated to A11 OTA. Performing a factory reset solves it.

    For me after factory reset the app is not there

  • So one person did a factory reset and the app reappeared and another did a reset and it didn't? I'm curious if you were both on the same version of A11 when that was done.

  • I hope the moderators will convey an official statement from the developers.

  • Well I just did a factory reset for a different reason and now the Files app is gone. I had it on A11 (107) prior to the reset but now it is gone.

  • Could you confirm or deny these statements now after factory reset?

    Files application is the only way to access the files in the android data folder in the new android version.

    If you uninstalled apk Files You won't get a local backup, etc. 

    without this app i can not access my external storage inside settings >storage. Although internal storage is accessible inside settings>storage, the file folder in it wont open. I think it can only open with the Files app, local back up in the external storage is also not possible without this app....i also think so that a core functionality is lost...

  • If I am correctly understanding that person, no. The only loss of functionality I have seen so far is the inability to go to Android/data. I can access my external (SD card) storage.

    Edit - I misunderstood. When I go to settings --> storage and tap micro sd under portable storage, it gives me the option to explore with the Files app, but that app is not in my (Nova) launcher....

  • That's what i said i can able to do all the operations and can able to access the sd card no need for separate app i suppose👍

  • If I understand you correctly, you haven't lost any basic functionality and everything is working after factory reset.

    Can you test whether this application can replace the missing shortcut for Files app?

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