ROG CETRA not recognize by ROG PHONE 3

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Any thoughts about this ? Thanks!


  • It has to go through Audio Wizard's optimization process first when you connect it for the first time.

  • But what if it is already being used without this procedure, what to do?

  • @eduvigisgarcia88 Do you have the fan connected at the same time by any chance? If not, do you get the same result with both ports?

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    Yes, headset is not detected on both ports. i also tried to plug the headset on the port located on the fan and still not working but the fan itself is working properly..any thoughts on this? TIA

  • On mine it works,but the cetra rgb light not syncing with the phone & there's no cetra options appear in the armoury crate.

  • @eduvigisgarcia88 I'll send you instructions on how to log your device via PM. Check your inbox in a moment.

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