One of the Rog phone 3 user was abl to fix blackcrush for himself, I expect blackcrush fix from asus

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Have a look at this topic.

Can please officially fix it Asus?

Only official Asus people should comment on this post please. I don't want others to discuss on this topic as they can create their on own topic on this forum.


  • Only official Asus people should comment on this post please.

    I'm so naughty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    You cannot tell people on a forum to post or not to post. Don't be ridiculous.

    Also your logic is flawed, just because I can do it doesnt mean its a good solution, as already mentioned it does take some performance which would make it a bad solution for gaming, not only that but you see tons of 3rd party programers making their own apps that the stock phones don't support, that doesn't mean you can demand the companies to now implement the same things. I still hope that asus or at the very least google will make a better implementation than the one I made as currently more and more phones have these gamma issues.

  • Brother I am facing Blackcrush issue. It's Asus responsibility to fix this issue. This is just a suggestion. And all I care about is fix as it's difficult to watch Animes or other videos with this blackcrush.

    And you already know why I don't want other people to comment on my topic you however choice is still yours cos no one can stop you.

    Asus made a great phone, provided excellent hardware but blackcrush is also there and it's noticable everytime when I watch something on my phone. This is something which I cannot ignore. I want the fix before it's too late. As they have taken enough time since this phone has been released.

  • Looking at how many new phones (iphone included) suffer from black crush I woildn't count on the Rog4 not having it.

  • And besides if the main reason is to watch cinema movies or TV series on a GAMINGP ,then they can get a Samsung which might have better control of black crush but I doubt it

    Can't wait for the performance tho,imagine genshin impact on a stable 60 FPS with 0 frame drops UwU(without root)

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