ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • Do I have a Black crush issue?

    Yes, I do.

    Do I care?



    I turn the brightness up like 10%

    It's literally that easily to fix, what's so goddamn hard to grasp about that?

  • Bruh why here then?

    I'm facing this issue and I want the fix as I have paid my hard earned money.

    If you are not having any problem then please shut up your mouth.

    Your this behaviour towards people here is not acceptable. And you still cannot change the fact that I'm facing blackcrush issue and I do care that's why I'm here. And I want the fix.

  • People not having issues why bother to show your meaning less existence here. I do love my phone for all the things it can do. But does it mean I can't inform or report the bugs I am in the official for all those blabbering defending idiots.. get a job.. do something useful. People will complain and do shit but what is it to you.. no one's blaming you. So shut your pighole mouth. Asus forums is the only place where this sort of argument keeps on happening just for posting your issues. Some fake users and Asus ass lickers pose themselves as users and don't let users share their issues. They think they own the forum.

    They can't afford to own shit

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    Smh this will be a reply to all your stupid comments on this forum

    You and all the other complainers don't report anything new,you join the asus hate bandwagon for no fricking reason other than to start a cult in a FORUM XD

    Grow up,get a job and a real name,learn to speak correctly and perhaps I,will give some respect towards you specifically as you are,if not,the biggest clown in this forum

    This forum is for everything,from fans to expressing and asking to even posting queries and Ideas,it's not only for reporting bugs,and besides if y'all are so butt hurt that I absolutely demolish you with my facts and experiences with the phone on your stupid posts and comments,then it's your fault for feeling like that

    The fact that you are still butt hurt after all this time about that spelling mistake you did is absolutely hilarious and proves almost every of my points valid by rendering yours invalid since you can't spell correctly

    Try not to feel jealous because yall cheaped out on your device and either bought it flashed for a cheaper price or the first one that was released in china LMAO

    WE who bought it Officially with our hard earned money and paid in FULL to ensure we don't have any problems and guess what

    We don't have those problems XD

    So now do us ASUS fans or Fact checkers or just plain users a favour and either stop your invalid and preposterous comments,GTFO,or continue the cycle of us demolishing your mental health with a few pixels LMAO

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    Lol...this guy said there is no rog 4 and news was fake ...

    And now this 😂

    @Dr. SushP you can sell your phone to him...he is so smart 😂😂

    He will surely purchase the rog phone 3 from you...(without any price cut)😂

    Gaming phone is not for watching videos 😂😂😂😂


    Please ask him if we can place a call from gaming phone or not ... Or we have to buy a separate calling phone for that ??

    He is so smart 😂

  • Are you all facing blackcrush issue or mental issue?

    Jokes apart aren't you all here for blackcrush fix?

    I want an update on Blackcrush fix. That's all and no arguments cos I'm seriously facing blackcrush issue and I can't live with it.

    I have been patient for a long time now.

    But I need an answer now from Asus.

    Why can't they offically address this issue.

  • No we face the black crush issue but we have a life and we use the phone as it was marketed to us,for GAMING

    Anyways yes they have addressed this multiple times but none of you give them credit for that

    Besides, pixel works it responsible,not asus but that's an argument for another time

  • Please share the known update shared by Asus and what about life? I didn't get you. What do you mean that? Please explain yourself.

    And I hardly play games but it's good to have powerful gaming spec phone. Choice is mine. I just want the fix and I'm not interested in whose responsibility is it. Cos in the end I'm facing this serious issue and this is not acceptable at all cos watching video is just a basic thing a person will do on his phone unlike you. If don't mind blackcrush at all then good for you. Why stressing this topic? You can't force us to embrace blackcrush.

    And I'm facing widevine issue as well for which they said that they will fix this on upcoming fota so I am waiting for that.

    And I will continue to take follow up until my issues are fixed that's very generous thing I'm doing for them and others so that can deliver the fix for everyone.

  • subsub Level 1

    All hail the new rog phone and the ones we own can go cry in the corner coz ASUS doesn't give 2 s**t about it they are busy spending the money they scammed off of us

  • Show me an official press release from Asus then about the rog phone 4 and not a render (PS I never said there wasn't a rog phone 4, I just said it hadn't officially been confirmed, dumbass)

    You totally missed the point of what I said, didn't I? Ofc a phone can be used for media and phone calls (IT'S A PHONE) but if you're spending the premium money for gaming features like the triggers (and to some extent the RGB), then why are you so butthurt about videos not working? Go buy literally any other phone if you're not gonna use the gaming side of the phone, you tool.

  • This is the only render I've seen of the "next rog", its probably fake as the rog phone wouldn't not have bezels, plus it's the Tencent version, not the WW version AND IT'S A STILL JUST A RUMOUR. The website it's from even says so.

    Do some research before cracking the sads

  • What do you mean real name..your real name is greekladder... You just proved the very point what Dr.SushP tried to what a joker 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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    The bottom line is you can simply take your phone back for refund. Simply the easiest solution if you're not getting any solution from a company.

    Searching on Google brings up black crush for all different phone manufacturers. The reason why some of you see results that are pointing to Zentalk is because Google learns from your searches and brings up personalized results.

    I don't understand the insults regardless whether you're a fanboy, a normal user or hater.

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    I have no words for you ...

    Asus officially posted on weibo about the new rog phone..

    Hope you know what weibo is..

    I m done with you now..

    Bot 😂😂 ....

    There is no point of arguing with a mannerless person like you ..

    U can only abuse....

    Now one more word and you will be ignored...

    Peace out...

    Research level - bot 😂

  • Bro, If its a gaming smartphone can't you see the last ending word smartphone just search what's the actual meaning of smartphone the phone which can be used for anything soo if you don't watch videos on phone then let other watch their content if they feel they have issue let them state it you are no one to put baseless comment in the form that this smartphone is for gaming and not for video or any other thing this just shows that you have poor knowledge about the fact that this is a smartphone with gaming capabilities so first go to school which will give you proper knowledge or just don't waste your parents hard earned money for claiming yourself right when you don't have proper knowledge about the stuff.

  • Speaking in... All the darn time is the biggest factor that proves that half of you don't even know what you are talking about or how to type

    Also my name is self promotion for my YouTube channel and Pubg profile,not some random clown name smh

  • Had mine for three days now and don't think I can live with it unless it gets fixed soon.

    The display is one of the most important things with a smartphone. This problem shouldn't exist.

  • I'll buy popcorn to see which side wins.

  • So all you do is play games and fool around wasting time.. all the while expecting others also to do the same.. watching you fooling around hoping everyone to be same as you good for nothing typ

    Saw your channel... With max views not exceeding 50 and video likes even half of that.. with highest view video being not Even your own creation..

    Surely have bought the phone with your dad's money.

    Plz child, keep this a healthy community and stop disrespecting others. Let users complain about their issues. They are suffering enough without you bossing around.

    People like you in forums such as these only taint the company image. I am using Rog phones from the 1st gen and Wouldn't have bothered to intervene but you are a real bully.

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