Selfie and wide angle.

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Take a selfie using the wide angle completely deforms the image.

For normal photos it works fine.

Is this operation correct? @Anders_ASUS

Firmware .107


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    How do you define "deform" ?

    Remember that the wide angle doesn't have the same specifications and abilities then the normal one ...

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    Warp - Exaggerately stretches the image. It seems as if the image from the normal camera is stretched, instead of using the wide angle camera.

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    Publish here examples from the main and wide angle cameras. For example, take a picture of a tiled wall with a uniform pattern. Then someone can compare your results to their own.

  • The camera can real time compensate for geometry like a stretched room but it's less successful with faces.

    ZenFone 7 has real time compensation for faces too, but... none of them can compensate 100% and the result really depends on how you're holding the camera.

    Have in mind that the wide view camera is primarily made for normal mode. It's impossible to have a camera that is perfect for both scenarios but we do what we can with software compensation.

  • Thanks for clarifying what is normal operation.

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